Rift: RIFT 1.8 Hotfix #5 – 8:00am PDT 5/8/12 [NA] – 1:00am GMT/2:00am BST 9/5/12 [EU]

* World Event: Fixed drop rates for War of the Wanton Maw quest items from Fire and Earth Zone Events.
* World Event: The 1.8 World Event has been extended for a week, due to end Thursday, May 24th.
* Riftstalker: Rift Barrier: Once again works on reflectable abilities. Rift Barrier now properly caps the amount of damage that can be reflected.
* Items: Wrathful Flames and its lower-ranked versions now properly have a damage cap on reflected damage and can again be used on reflectable abilities.
* Re-fixed Porticulum costs for in-zone travel; traveling between Porticulums within the same zone should charge 1 Gold consistently.
* Improved the way channeled ability visual effects are hidden or partially shown when the ‘Hide Other Players’ Hit FX’ setting is enabled.

* Maklamos the Scryer:
– Crystal Essence buffs will now – for real, finally, and after much gnashing of teeth – properly apply their consequences if players fail to resolve the beams before the duration runs out.
– Increased the enrage timer of Maklamos. Enrage will now properly trigger after 8 minutes of combat.
– Players receiving Scarlet, Emerald, or Azure Crystal Essence while standing on the corresponding crystal formations will no longer prevent the mechanic from being solved.
– Crystalline Devastation now waits slightly longer before it begins to apply debuffs in its radius.
– Altered Crystalline Devastation’s root-target effect.
– Ruthless, Monstrous, and Merciless Juggernaughts now set their health in an appropriately uninterruptible fashion.
* Rusila Dreadblade:
– Dreaded Longshots just got more dread-able; they’ll now be able to aim Dreadshot at anyone engaged in combat with them.

* Iron Pine PvP Daily Quests: Firebrand Steelclaws should no longer despawn prematurely when attacked before they began casting Revert.

* The Outfitter crafting daily quest ‘Workorder: Icewatch Leggings’ no longer refers to Wool Socks.

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