Rift: RIFT 1.8 Hotfix #3 – 10:15am PDT 4/27/12 [NA] – 1:00am GMT/2:00am BST 28/4/12 [EU]

RIFT 1.8 Hotfix #3 – 4/27/12

1.8 World Event: War of the Wanton Maw
*Fixed a few major rifts that were not dropping Invasion Orders

*Daily rift raids now give more Experience.
*All crafted food stacks to 99
*Smoldering Dagger now has higher dexterity than strength
*Smoldering Island Shield now has more focus to make it even with other items of the same level.
*Harvest nodes will now despawn after you loot them, even if you don’t take everything.
*Fixed an issue with the Library: Mass Martyr Duration Leaderboard.

Infernal Dawn
-Fixed an issue that could cause additional enemies to despawn before the fight is over.
-Will now properly reset after a failed attempt.
-Encounter Barrier should now function correctly
*Jumping on or around the Infernal Altars in the Ember Conclave encounter should no longer put players in combat.

*Increased effectiveness of the following abilities in PvP:
-Healing Spray: Reduction in PvP changed to 20% from 30%
-Soothing Stream: Reduction in PvP changed to 35% from 40%
-Healing Flood: Reduction in PvP changed to 30% from 50%
-Overflow: Reduction in PvP changed to 60% from 75%

User Interface
*When exiting a warfront as a mercenary, the world quest tracker will no longer display twice.
*Fixed a bug that would not allow you to leave a guild that had transferred away if you were the only remaining leader.

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