Rift: RIFT 1.8 Hotfix #2 – 8:00am PDT 4/25/12 [NA] – 1:00am GMT/2:00am BST 26/4/12 [EU]

* Master mode dungeons now reset on Sunday at 4:00am server time, instead of Saturday at 4:00am server time, for their second weekly reset. Wednesday reset day remains the same.
* The new Keepers crafting daily quests now turn in at Keeper Ambassador NPCs located at the Travel Stones outside of Meridian and Sanctum, so that characters below level 40 can complete these quests.
* Raid Assistants can once again directly invite players into their groups.
* Adjusted the audio of Razorbeast pets so they make noise less frequently.
* King’s Breach: Hunter Suleng should no longer be killstolen by the friendly NPCs at the start and leave you unable to complete the zone quest.
* ‘Speed Clears’ now only begin when players physically leave the zone entrance area. They will no longer start incorrectly by a player disconnect or teleport.
* Fixed a combat case where beneficial abilities could apply to friendly faction characters as if you were in PvP against each other.
* Trial players can no longer attempt to withdraw more coin than they can carry from guild banks.


* Rifts now open more reliably for the Infernal Awakening and Unlikely Alliances zone events.
* Gold! Glorious Gold! now contributes properly to the weekly mount token quests.
* Brass Brutes now spawn more regularly.
* Ascended Fury objective text should be more clear.
* Shimmersand: Dunes of Akala Earth Rifts now properly drop Invasion Orders while on the Investigation quest.


* Rate of Fishing skillups has been slightly lowered at low levels, and slightly increased at higher levels.
* The zone-specific Fishing Achievements (such as Shimmersand Fisherman) have been updated to include all possible fish per zone, including fish that appear in more than one. Completion or progress toward these achievements will not be lost, but previously catching the newly-added fish will not count toward the updated achievement.
* Improved description on Fishing Lures. Made the Greedy Lure more greedy.
* Moved some unfishable schools.
* Feasts now last for 3 minutes before disappearing.
* Survival food buffs can no longer be purged.


* Ember Conclave: Several abilities will no longer target player pets.
* Ember Conclave: Reduced health of Packmaster Nahoth’s Ember Novas.
* Ituziel: Added 5 seconds before Ituziel’s Enrage timer goes off.
* Addressed issue causing the Infernal Dawn minibosses to not respawn on instance resets.


* Coda of Restoration: Fixed a tooltip bug where it showed Coda healing ‘0’ raid members.

* Blood Raptor: Rend can now be stacked up to 3 times per Blood Raptor attacking the target.

* Time Bomb: Fixed a bug so that only 1 Time Bomb per player can be attached to a target.
* Improved Entangling Trap: Now only requires 15 points spent in Saboteur to acquire instead of 20.


* Fixed an issue where some Guild Bank tabs would not show their items the first time the tab was selected after accessing the Bank.
* Seals, Fish, Hammerknell and Infernal Dawn-dropped crafting materials, and Infernal Dawn crafted items now appear under the correct Auction House categories.
* Survivalist gear and fishing poles have been moved to the Misc category on the Auction House.
* Fixed a case where you could sometimes see chat from a guild you had already left.
* Currency icons should no longer overlap on faction and planar merchant windows.
* Incorrect Faction loading screens should no longer appear when loading into zones.

Edit note – this is still being hooked up for the quests in quest-ion:
* PvP Quests may now flag you for PvP while being progressed. Quests that do so will warn you in the quest accept and quest log windows.

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