Rift: RIFT 1.8 Hotfix #14 – 8:00am PDT 6/20/12 [NA] – 1:00am GMT/2:00am BST 21/6/12 [EU]

* Flamebound Devils no longer cast Concussive Bolt.
* Flamebound Ifrits no longer cast Burning Flesh.
* Increased the time between Flamebound minion spawns.
* Reduced the health of Flamebound minions.
* Increased the melee damage buff provided by Blade of the Inferno, and increased its duration.
* Blade of the Inferno now increases damage against Flamebound minions as well as against Maelforge.
* Disabled Concussive Splash in the final Maelforge encounter. This was active in testing but disabled before the Maelforge fight went live – so returning it to that inactive state.
* Fixed Devastating Sacrifice not applying the right amount of damage increase.

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