Rift: RIFT 1.8 Hotfix #1 – 11:15am PDT 4/20/12 [NA] – 1:00am GMT/2:00am BST 21/4/12 [EU]

* Guild Finder: Fixed a bug that could cause messages sent to recruiters to only reach one member of a guild.
* The Chronicle Daily Quests now give a nice chunk of experience!
* Achievement title reward tooltips once again show the actual title text.
* Quests like ‘They Walk Telara’ once again work properly.
* Show Offline and Show Mobile filters on the Guild Roster now persist through closing the guild window/logouts.
* Fixed oddly-large zone names appearing on the world map when zooming out in some cases.
* Corrected a visual glitch with the names of offline party members.

* You can now sell all Survival recipe ingredients back to the merchants.
* When multiple tents or bedrolls are in the same area, only the best rested buff is applied.
* Corrected the fish requirements for low-level fish exchange quests.
* Made it a little easier to fish Fish out of schools.

* Muglak: Added a blocker so the fight must take place within the encounter space.
* Players will now appropriately receive achievements for defeating the Ember Conclave.


* Cadence: Fixed the tooltip showing the min and max damage values as the same number.

* Fierce Strike: Fixed rank 6 being able to chain the damage effect repeatedly.

* Lurking Decay: No longer stops generating Decays when you resurrect. If this has already happened to you, you may need to swap roles to make it work again.

* Bull Rush: Fixed the tooltip error showing a 0-second root.

* Fiery Spike: Fixed the tooltip showing the min and max damage values as the same number.
* Smother: Fixed a tooltip bug where the damage of rank 5 is shown as zero.

* Touch of Life: Increased the effectiveness in PvP.

* Rain of Arrows: Fixed the tooltip showing the min and max damage values as the same number.
* Diffuse: Now only works on attacks that can be reflected or redirected. Diffuse effect is also removed if your pet dies; damage can no longer be redirected onto a dead pet.

* Fusion of Flesh: Increased effectiveness in PvP.
* Residual Absorption: Increased duration to 1.5/3 seconds from 0.5/1 second.

* No Permission to Die: Increased effectiveness in PvP.

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