Rift: RIFT 1.7 Hotfix #2 – 8:00am PDT 2/8/11 [NA] – 2:00am GMT 9/2/12 [EU]

* Added Guild Bankers to the Manufactory in Meridian and Bahralt Street in Sanctum.
* The Guild Roster tab now has a checkbox to show/hide members logged in on the mobile app.
* Guild quests that require killing Guardian or Defiant players now update properly against Mercenaries.
* Increased the Planar Attunement level cap.
* Fixed a few Master Craftsman’s Mark recipes that were not Bind on Pickup.
* Fixed temporary rune effect icons that appeared on your character even though the item was in your inventory.
* Item: Diona’s Greaves no longer have Focus.
* Characters should no longer seem to be sinking into the ground in some situations.
* Artifact collections that have 3 lines worth of potential artifacts once again show up properly in the Artifact UI.
* Zone Event notices should now be properly broadcast on European shards.

* Fixed a case where you would sometimes see system messages intended for the opposite faction.
* Pets below max rank now only gain 2% max reduction in damage taken from players by inheriting Valor from their owners.
* Costume version of Clairvoyant’s Shoulderpads are now available from Templar Sanzo in Sanctum.
* Players who did not have their PvP Souls properly removed should no longer see them.
* Fixed a bad interaction between mind controlled players and ability restrictions due to PvP flagging that shouldn’t have been restricted.
* Time Remaining display in Warfronts no longer uses abbreviated times.


* Planar Attunement – War: Overload: Will no longer prevent the character from dying when the buff is active.

* Reparation: Will now properly heal other players who have Mien of Aggression active.

* Healing Flood: Reduced the amount of healing done in PvP.
* Healing Spray: Fixed to heal for the correct amount per interval.

* Falling damage should no longer cause stealth to break.
* Planar Attunement – Earth: Sword Mastery: Fixed a bug where the DPS bonus was not applying correctly to offhand attacks.

* Slip Away: Fixed a bug where the player could get taken out of stealth after using Slip Away.


* Master: Baron Gerf’Ish: Fixed an issue with the Harmful Arrogance aura.
* Master: Faultwalker Alraj: Wicked Eruption now deals less damage.
* Fixed the mob levels on some population and quest mobs in Standard and Expert modes.

* Exiting and then re-entering this chronicle after you’ve completed the main quest will no longer despawn active treasure chests or rare bosses.

* Akylios has gone back to dropping the number of items he did pre-1.7.

* Expert: Flesheater Autoch: Increased cooldown on Wounding Charge. Decreased Autoch’s damage output overall.

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