Rift: RIFT 1.6.1 Hotfix #8 – 8:00am PST 1/18/12 [NA] – 2:00am GMT 19/1/12 [EU]

* Auction Houses now list and allow you to bid on items from both Guardians and Defiants.
* Instant Adventure: Jaron Ply and his buddies are no longer super powerful on PvP Shards.
* Fixed an issue that could cause some abilities gained while on an Instant Adventure to be removed when your character died.
* Ember Isle: Added a graphical warning circle around Ochrin’s spawned gold piles.
* Rift: Endangered Souls: Made the Ravenmournes’ ghostly form more resilient to damage.
* Item: Dark Pulsing Crystal is no longer flagged Unique.
* The duel radius (the distance you can move before exiting a duel area) has been tripled!
* All critters in Meridian and Sanctum are now unable to be targeted by hostile player effects – and should no longer cause duels to be cancelled if they get caught in an AoE.


* Runeburst Umbrals’ Torment ability no longer pulls players into the center of the effect. The time between damage ticks has been increased and the total duration of the effect reduced.
* Estrode: Reduced Estrode’s health. Increased the number of Binding Will targets from two to three.
* Rune King Molinar: Increased the allowable gap between Molinar and Dollin’s health to 7% from 4%.
* Rune King Molinar: Forgotten Stewards have gained a newfound sense of fortitude, and can no longer be killed by Ascended. Luckily, they’re still able to sacrifice themselves if so inclined!
* Rune King Molinar: Runic Feedback is slightly more forgiving at the start of the effect.
* Terror Bombardment is now interruptible.

* General Silgen’s bombs now have 4 seconds in which to be dispelled.
* Beruhast will only summon 2 Flaming Vortices at 20% health, rather than 3.
* The Gate Keeper achievement should be granted more consistently.


* Sped up the rendering of the main world map UI.

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