Rift: RIFT 1.6.1 Hotfix #1 – 8:00am PDT 12/13/11 [NA] – 2:00am GMT 14/12/11 [EU]

* Increased the amount of experience a level 50 character receives for Planar Attunement when completing Instant Adventures.
* There is now a Porticulum in Quarrystone Basin in Stonefield!
* Justicar: Mien of Aggression: No longer reduces healing gained from items.
* Justicar: Mien of Leadership: General dungeon mobs who can mana drain will no longer mana drain Justicars with Mien of Leadership active.
* Corrected the zone meta-Achievements so they remember how to count properly.
* Fixed the calculation of the maximum possible Achievement score.
* Crafting: Characters can now train to the next crafting rank from within 5 points of their current skill level cap.
* Windstone and Stalactite-type Essences can now be equipped together.

* Fixed an issue that caused more Seething Cores to respawn than intended.
* Beruhast’s flaming vortices are much harder to avoid outright!

* Fixed a bug where the Join button would show during a Warfront but not function – it now displays a lock with an explanatory tooltip if the Join option cannot be used at the current time.
* You can no longer invite an Instant Adventure group to join a random dungeon with the LFG tool.


* The Swift Armored Ash Strider mount now appears as the artist intended – and should match the appearance of the Ash Strider standing in the pen near the mount merchant.
* Fixed an issue causing the Ithkus’ Rise zone event to fail after completing the Gushing Founts objective.

* Man V Mandible: Fixed an issue that prevented some players from being able to complete this quest.

* The achievement Mushroom Soup should function properly once again.

* In A Quiet Place: This quest can once again be completed.
* The Spirit Walk: The spirit guide should now appear even if the wardstone at Thalin Tor is taken over by the Planes.

* Slightly adjusted the location of Gorehorn the Mighty.

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