Four For Four – Friday Night Mid-Month Update – June 12th, 2020


Greetings all. We don’t usually do a mid-month email update but we had some good news that given these extraordinary times that we live in, we thought might be appreciated by our Community. As to what it is, while the beginning of the subject is a baseball reference (4 hits in 4 at-bats), it also describes the success we just had in hiring. Over the last 2 weeks we offered four different people a place in our studio and all of them said yes. We are bringing in two new engineers (one senior) and two game designers. One of the game designers will be working on Final Stand: Ragnarok while the other will be focusing on Camelot Unchained. And, we’re very happy to say that many of you may know him, Christopher Junior, formerly Game Director & Senior Systems Designer for Rift. He was also worked on EQ2 as a Senior Game Designer where his focus was <drum roll please> PvP. Given his rather extensive experience with PvP, he’s a great addition to the team, who will help us take CU to the next stage of its development!

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