MMORPG Addicting Game MonsterMMORPG Better Than Pokemon Online Games – Complete Gameplay Tutorial For Free This is the complete gameplay tutorial video of the famous f2p browser based mmorpg game MonsterMMORPG which is better than Pokemon Online games. This video will explain you how to play the game up to 80% percent. We really do suggest you to complete watching the video if you are not familiar with Pokemon or same genre games. Some information about MonsterMMORPG: MonsterMMORPG is a free to play browser based Online Game which is similar to Pokemon but not infringing any copyrights of Nintendo. Everything on MonsterMMORPG is unique and copyrighted to either MonsterMMORPG or respected artists. So if you are looking for a real Pokemon MMORPG not a fan based one which can be shut down, this game is just for you. Since Nintendo does not make any official Pokemon MMORPG, MonsterMMORPG is going to fill this gap. MonsterMMORPG is a completely free game. You don’t need to pay anything in order to play because there is no locked content or there is no premium items. This is the main site url : You also don’t need to download anything or any plugin in order to play MonsterMMORPG. You just need a decent browser and we suggest you to use Mozilla Firefox latest version or Google Chrome latest version. MonsterMMORPG currently has 659 unique monsters but thousands of more coming soon hopefully. You can see the current monsters from here We are also replacing our current monster images with a lot better quality and