Cat Thinks Kitties on TV Are Real (and Searches Everywhere For Them When the Screen Goes Blank!)

*** THE KITTENS IN THE VIDEO ARE FOSTER KITTENS OF 1.5 and 4 MONTHS OLD FROM A SHELTER – THEY ARE NOT PRIYA’S KITTENS!!! *** *** DON’T WORRY, Priya was adopted from a shelter and lives with another cat I adopted from a shelter named Kali and they are inseparable! Check out my other videos for more videos of Priya and Kali and many other foster kittens! *** Priya has always been an extremely social and playful cat. One day while I was watching videos of my foster kittens on my computer, she jumped up and started pawing at the screen wanting to play…so I started recording her… It broke my heart…maybe we should get some more foster kitties in the house for her to play with…

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