World of Warcraft: Stand-Out Quests

Like many WoW players, I have my own list of favorite quests: the ones I loved doing, and look forward to doing again on alts. I wondered, though, if my list matched anyone else’s. I decided to research the topic by scouring forums and pestering friends, and I discovered that certain quests got mentioned repeatedly.

While these stand-out quests vary by zone, level, and faction, I did notice some commonalities. All of them involve some element that isn’t present in any other quest, and they’re fun rather than difficult. So, what are some of the quests that have us clamoring for more?

Probably my personal favorite, and the quest I’ve heard mentioned more than any other. A machine in Uldum asks you to kill 1000 crazed gnomes by rolling over them with a giant flaming ball of death. Obviously, just a regular giant ball of death isn’t enough – gnomes can be quite resilient – no, it has to be on fire!

wow standout quests ghost machine

Welcome to the Machine
This Horde-only quest has you stepping into the shoes of a quest-giver. High Executor Darthalia in Hillsbrad asks you to sit on her skeletal horse and hand out quests to “lowly scrubs.” What follows is a satirical look at player stereotypes – the noobish Dumass, the aggressively arrogant Kingslayer Orkus, and the snobbish Johnny Awesome.

The Day Deathwing Came
Technically a small chain of quests, each one is worthy of this list. Trekking through the Badlands, you find a gnome, a dwarf, and an orc standing around a campfire. Each one offers to tell you the story about what happened the day that Deathwing came. Rather than just listening, you are brought along to experience the hilarious tales.

wow standout quests BEAR

The Bears Up There
Keeper Taldros in Mount Hyjal tasks you with the job of climbing up trees to rescue bear cubs. How do you save them? By hurling them down onto a trampoline, of course, which does lead one to wonder about the air-speed velocity of an unladen bear cub.

Maximillian of Northshire
Maximillian offers a small chain of quests in Un’Goro Crater. This delusional knight-errant will lead you on missions to rescue damsels in questionable levels of distress, seek blessings from spirits who are busy pummeling you, and slay ferocious dinosaurs…  I mean, dragons! FOR DOLORIA!

wow standout quests necklace

Journey to Undercity
Another Horde-only quest, High Executor Mavren in the Ghostlands sends you to the Undercity to return a necklace to Lady Sylvanas. When you do, she sings the hauntingly beautiful Lament of the Highborne, garnering the attention of every NPC in the room. While not exactly a “fun” quest, it was a pleasant surprise the first time I encountered it. 

Note: you do need to have your music turned on to hear her sing.  You can also hear the song without doing the quest by using this command in the game: /script PlaySoundFile(“Sound\Music\GlueScreenMusic\BCCredits_Lament_of_the_Highborne.mp3″)

I have been known to bemoan the fact that there aren’t more quests like these, or that they haven’t been made into daily or repeatable quests. Upon further reflection, however, I’m glad that they are few in number. Part of what makes them stand out is their rarity. If there were oodles of these quests, or if we could do them all the time, they wouldn’t seem so special.

While I will probably continue to wish for more, I will be slightly mollified by the fact that Blizzard is doing this for my own good.

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