WildStar: Holiday Events Cancelled and Stephan Frost Moves On

In an official Nexus Report WildStar Twitch stream held yesterday, fans of the game received two disappointing bits of news. First off, Stephan Frost, Design Producer, personally announced that he will be leaving Carbine Studios and is joining another company. “I’m off to a new adventure,” Frost said. “I got an offer that I couldn’t turn down and so I’m going to take it. This is super hard for me. This is one of my proudest achievements. A lot of my heart and soul is in this game.”

We also found out during the stream that much to the disappointment of many MMORPG holiday event enthusiasts (myself included!), WildStar won’t be having either a Halloween-themed or winter-themed holiday event this year. Shade’s Eve– which was already announced before the launch of the game– is the Halloween holiday event that we unfortunately won’t be seeing until next year most likely.

There was some good news delivered yesterday, however. The team announced that WildStar‘s megaservers are expected to go live in the next 2-3 weeks. Drop 3 is also still coming, of course, and is tentatively scheduled for release during the last week in October or first week in November.

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