WildStar Adding Megaservers and Free Transfers

A significant portion of the WildStar playerbase has been requesting something in the way of server merges for a little while now. Carbine Studios had been fairly quiet on all fronts lately– until today, that is. In a stickied forum post, the team announced that they will be implementing megaservers to WildStar in the near future. As announced later in the day, the time frame looks to be 3-6 weeks from now precisely.

What this means exactly is that there will only be one PvP realm and one PvE realm per data center when megaservers go live. The character cap will be increased to 12, and players who currently have more than 12 characters will still have access to all of them– they’d just be unable to create new characters. On the downside, this means that RP players will have to find their own communities within their megaservers. Carbine is adding in-game chat channels that are region-wide to help roleplayers and players who speak different languages find one another easily.

Carbine will also be adding in last names with the megaserver transition. Players will be prompted to add a last name for each character upon logging in. Players can add a space in between the first and last names, and they’ll be able to choose a name (including the space) that uses up to 30 characters.

Up until the change, players are now also able to transfer across servers for free. For more information, Carbine has posted an FAQ about the upcoming change.

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