Weekly Cos-day #9

Welcome to Junkies Nation’s cosplay review, Weekly Cos-day! Here, we will highlight some of the best cosplays we saw on the internet this week (including those submitted by you, dear readers!). We end each article with a link to a cosplay tutorial so that you can finally make that perfect cosplay you’ve been dreaming about.

The Best Cosplay We’ve Seen This Week


Psylocke, created by DeviantArt user StyleChameleon. Photo by  DMAC Studios.


Steampunk Boba Fett. Photo by SGH Photart Fans.


Hawkgirl, by Kyra Wulfgar of Cosawesome Studios. Photo by Thomas Spanos.


Melisandre, from Game of Thrones, by Skyrim Fox. Photo by Eddie B Photos.


Kitty Pryde, created by Jessica Lynn Cosplay. Photo by Speedy’s Productions.


Ramona Flowers, from Scott Pilgrim, created by Mia Moore. Photo by Aperture Ashley.


Vivi, from Final Fantasy, by Ken Hopkins.


Samus Aran, by Yuki Cosplay. Photo by Shinju-Mamoru.


Windy Clow Card, from Cardcaptor Sakura, by Lady Amaryllis. Photo by Ami Yuy.


Ulqulorra Schiffer, from Bleach, by Luce Cosplay.


Cosplay 101

Back in our first Weekly Cos-Day article, we shared the cardboard method of making helmets. This week, we’re sharing another method. It’s a little more advanced, and uses craft foam, but it’s still very approachable with this tutorial by YouTube user Evil Ted Smith.

How to Make A Foam Helmet, Part 1
How to Make A Foam Helmet, Part 2
How to Make A Foam Helmet, Part 3

Do you have an awesome cosplay you’d like to share with your fellow Junkies Nation readers? Or maybe you have a tutorial that can help other learn the ways of cosplay. Submit photos, links, and other relevant information to amandab@rerollz.com and you could be featured in a future Weekly Cos-day!

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