Weekly Cos-Day #13

Welcome to Junkies Nation’s cosplay review, Weekly Cos-day! Here, we will highlight some of the best cosplays we saw on the internet this week (including those submitted by you, dear readers!). We end each article with a link to a cosplay tutorial so that you can finally make that perfect cosplay you’ve been dreaming about.

The Best Cosplay We’ve Seen This Week

0690f  deathstroke 200x300 Weekly Cos Day #13


Photo by Brian Malfant Photography.

0690f  marajade 300x198 Weekly Cos Day #13

Mara Jade, from the Star Wars Extended Universe.

Costume by Amanda Dawn, photo by Eddie B. Photos.

0690f  merida 300x199 Weekly Cos Day #13


Costume by Koni Cosplay, photo by Heavenly Days Photographie.


166e8  msmarvelbinary 300x200 Weekly Cos Day #13

Ms. Marvel (Binary)

Costume by Belle-Chere, photo by First Person Shooter.

b054e  nursejoy 300x200 Weekly Cos Day #13

Nurse Joy, from Pokemon.

Costume by DeviantArt user TheBird-TheBee, photo by Alexandra M. Hander.

b054e  princesssailorscouts 300x200 Weekly Cos Day #13

Sailor Princesses cosplay group.

Photo by Robbins Studios Photography.

b054e  supergirlbatgirl 224x300 Weekly Cos Day #13

Supergirl and Batgirl.

Photo by DeviantArt user downtowndave.




b054e  tira 199x300 Weekly Cos Day #13


Tira from Soul Caliber.

Costume by PixieKitty, photo by P Karpy Photography.


Cosplay 101

If you want to get into cosplay, you’ll inevitably come up against a costume that requires armor. There are tons of different types of armor reflected in different costumes, but most tutorials deal with plate armor. Here, though, is one of the best and easiest tutorials I have found on forming scale armor! Click here for the tutorial by Cosplay-Crazy.

Do you have an awesome cosplay you’d like to share with your fellow Junkies Nation readers? Or maybe you have a tutorial that can help other learn the ways of cosplay. Submit photos, links, and other relevant information to amandab@rerollz.com and you could be featured in a future Weekly Cos-day!

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