Weekly Cos-Day #10: SDCC Edition

Welcome to Junkies Nation’s cosplay review, Weekly Cos-day! Here, we will highlight some of the best cosplays we saw on the internet this week (including those submitted by you, dear readers!). We end each article with a link to a cosplay tutorial so that you can finally make that perfect cosplay you’ve been dreaming about.

This week’s article highlights some of the best cosplay we’ve seen online from San Diego Comic Con!


The Best Cosplay We’ve Seen This Week


Gambit and Rogue, from X-Men. Photo by Nick Acott.


The Sanderson Sisters, from Hocus Pocus. Photo form Turn the Right Corner.com.


Supergirl, from DC Comics. Photo by J Krolak.


Rule 63 Quicksilver, from X-Men: Days of Future Past. Photo by Flicker.com user Joits.


Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, from Marvel Comics. Photo by J Krolak.


Plastic Man, from DC Comics. Photo by J Krolak.


Meg, from Hercules. Costume by Amanda Dawn Cosplay. Photo by J Krolak.


Drogon, Viserion, and Rhaegal from Game of Thrones. Photo by John Austin.


Rule 63 Emma Frost and Storm. Photo from Geeks are Sexy.

fem dante

Rule 63 Dante, from Devil May Cry. Costume by Raychul Moore. Photo by Mike Rollerson.


Cosplay 101

Cosplay make-up is usually the last thing that people think about, but it’s a very important part of the cosplay process. With proper contouring, you can make your face look closer to the character you’re cosplaying! What the Pros Do has made a great tutorial on contouring, which is helpful to both newbies and old pros. Here’s the link.

Do you have an awesome cosplay you’d like to share with your fellow Junkies Nation readers? Or maybe you have a tutorial that can help other learn the ways of cosplay. Submit photos, links, and other relevant information to amandab@rerollz.com and you could be featured in a future Weekly Cos-day!

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