We Sure Like Those Shinies

artifact chart header

In a new blog post published yesterday, the Trion dev team talked about the data collection process they use to tell when and how long we play, what classes we play as, and how we spend our time in RIFT. Everything from how many and what type of instances are ran to the number of monsters killed, players killed, dynamic content completed, quests abandoned, and objects looted can be tracked using some nifty tools and a team of data collecting gurus. The data collected is used in a variety of ways to make the game better. Developers can use it to update quests that are abandoned often due to being too tedious or streamline content that players find difficult.

One interesting point that the team mentioned was that collecting artifacts is the number one activity RIFT players engage in. Why, yes, we do like our shinies! After collecting this data, the developer team moved in the direction of adding in more artifact collections, which is the main reason artifact-gathering is a large part of Autumn Harvest. And we’ll be seeing even more artifacts with the introduction of unstable artifacts in 2.6 most likely.

Read the full developer blog for more info.

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