Watch Firefly Online’s First Gameplay Trailer

During last year’s San Diego Comic Con, Quantum Mechanix and Spark Plug announced a new strategy-based online RPG in development that had Browncoats everywhere already planning a space travel hijinks or two. Yep– none other than Firefly Online. In December 2013 we found out more information about the game’s systems and goals. Customization will be a huge component of Firefly Online– everything from your ship’s crew to your starship and the quarters inside can be completely customized.

This year’s SDCC also brought us a bit of news. According to PC Gamer, the development team announced that members of the primary cast of the TV show will be returning and reprising their roles for the MMO. This is a pretty exciting bit for fans, but there’s more!

Firefly Online released its first gameplay trailer today. Various areas of gameplay footage are showcased including space exploration, starship customization options, and even a bit of saloon brawling. Check it out:

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