Warlords of Draenor Preview: Store All the Things!

For packrats like me, World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor will usher in a new era of bag space! Just a handful of changes, really, but on every toon I’ve tested so far, they added up to a great deal of freed-up space. I haven’t had that much bag space since… well, maybe not ever.

Butt-Covering Disclaimer: Since the expansion is currently in beta, the information in this article is subject to change.


Bank Reagent Tab

For those of us who love our professions, a huge space-saver will be the Reagent Bank, a 98-space tab on your regular Bank. You’ll be able to use it to store any crafting reagent, a task made simpler by a “Deposit All Reagents” button, which will move all reagents from your bags and regular bank into the Reagent Bank tab. Even better, you’ll be able to craft anywhere using reagents from your bank – no more trips back to town to get the necessary materials out of your bank. The cherry on top? Reagent stack sizes will be increased!

wow wod storage reagant bank


Increased Stack Sizes

Most crafting materials will stack to 200; this includes cloth, ore, herbs, inks, pigments, leather, and cooking materials. Older items will also fall into this category – you’ll finally be able to consolidate all those stacks of Frostweave, mountains of Eternal Earth, or even Spirits of Harmony. Finished items, however, will still have smaller stack sizes. For example, you could have a stack of 200 Turtle Meat, but only a stack of 20 Braised Turtle.


Toy Box

Warlords of Draenor will introduce a new Collections tab – the Toy Box. As of this writing, the Toy Box will hold 161 different vanity items, such as Battle Horn, Romantic Picnic Basket, Puntable Marmot, and Haunted War Drum. To make this even sweeter, anything placed in the Toy Box will be usable by every toon on your account. Sad that you got that Orb of Deception on an alt instead of your main? No matter, they will both be able to use it, and neither will have to give up bag space for it!

wow wod storage toy box


Quest Collection Items

I’ve been known to frantically scramble to free up some bag space just to collect items for a quest – especially the quests that involve collecting four or five different things (vanilla Un’Goro, I’m looking at you). In Draenor, this will become a thing of the past. Collected items will be noted in your quest objectives, but won’t actually sit in your bags. Bring it on, quest-givers!


Void Storage

Your friendly neighborhood Ethereal will be deciding to allow you access to a second Void Storage tab. It still won’t be cheap to deposit or withdraw items, but this will give you another 80 spaces. A great option for those with more gold than willpower!


How Much Space Will You Save?

My pack-rattiest toon went from 34 bag/bank spaces to 106 without using Void Storage. Of course, your mileage may vary – it will depend on what you have in your bank and bags. How much space do you think you’ll gain?

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