Updates to the EU Shard Adjustments

RJ Dev Tracker

Much to the surprise of many European RIFT players, Trion decided to open a brand new English EU shard on Monday after realizing that the shards players merged to– especially Zaviel– were experiencing major lag issues, queues, and performance issues due to the high volume of players. Many players expected Trion to simply reopen Argent, as this would alleviate a chunk of the population issues as well as make a whole community of European RPers quite ecstatic. Unfortunately, this did not happen. Trion wanted to ensure the new shard– Typhiria– attracted all types of players in order to immediately solve the performance/lag issues.

The lag issues are mostly solved thanks to players heading to Typhiria, but Trion is keeping a close eye on the situation. The team has also added an incentive for players who choose to transfer over to Typhiria– an extra 10% in celebration bonuses, totaling 30% to XP from kills, guild XP, prestige, plaque/mark bonus chances, favor, planarite, PA XP, and zone event currency.

For more information, check out Pithos’ update on the official forums.

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