Unstable Artifacts, Details on 2.5, and More!

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During last Friday’s Trion live stream extravaganza, Daglar and Simon both showed up and answered a bunch of questions. We learned about some of the new things headed our way in 2.5, 2.6, and beyond. We’re talking some pretty cool reveals like more info on unstable artifacts, details on a new sliver coming in 2.5, and hints of a new crafting profession being added to RIFT. Daglar and Simon also talked a bit about PvP, a possible solution for the Argent RPers, some new RIFT Store goodies that are limited time only items, and an interesting change the team will be trying as updates continue to roll out leading toward our Plane of Water expansion also known as RIFT 3.0.

Note: As always, remember that all of this information is subject to change at any time. A large majority of this information is still early in development.


RIFT 2.5 and the Road Leading to 3.0

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  • 2.5 is right around the corner, and the exact date of its release will be announced this week, in fact.
  • There will be a larger gap between 2.5 and 2.6 than the gap we’ll see in between 2.4 and 2.5.
  • Daglar talked a bit about what we’ll see in 2.5. First off, not everything will be accessible the day that 2.5 goes live. The new content will be released in weekly chunks.
  • Among the new content, we’ll be getting a new sliver, a new dungeon, a couple new chronicles, and a new questline that will introduce the new underwater content. This new underwater content, of course, is one of the preludes to 3.0 and a test run for underwater combat, etc.
  • The new sliver in 2.5 isn’t a Tier 2 raid. It’s a return to Drowned Halls, and will be a Tier 1 raid that will help newer guilds and players catch up to Tier 2 raids. It won’t be released at the launch of 2.5, and will probably be added a few weeks afterwards.
  • The huge Warrior changes currently on the PTS will be arriving in 2.5.
  • Patrons will be getting an increased daily quest cap by 10 daily quests. This will be added in 2.5.
  • Speaking of 3.0, Daglar also mentioned that we’ll be seeing quite a bit of 3.0 content added to the game before 3.0 actually launches.
  • At some point before 3.0 most likely, we’ll be seeing a new crafting profession added to RIFT. It will not be restricted to the cash shop, which means everyone will have access for free. Daglar didn’t want to go into details yet.

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