Trove: New Community-Chosen Dragon Class and Biome!

Wow! What a week trying to catch up on this not-so-little pack of voxel fun. It is easy to underestimate what seems like a really simple game, but Trove has depths and layers to its crafting, building, and combat that keep you running around blissfully losing track of time.

What is most enjoyable about Trove is that there is this old school understanding overlooked in many games today striving to be leading edge. Trove keeps what’s meant to be simple, simple. Take for instance mining ore– it’s out in the world, you use a laser to gather it, and everyone around you also gets the same ore which makes it more enjoyable knowing you can group up to concentrate on certain materials to spend more time building or leveling your chosen class to 20 when you can. Speaking of class…


The Dracolyte Class

The first community-created and chosen class has arrived following the previous patch which introduced the first community-chosen biome. Dragonfire Peaks was developed after reaching the top-tiered goal forTrove supporters. Welcome the Dracolyte.


  • Flamethrower: The name says it all. Face your enemy and BURN!
  • Spit Fire: You have a pet Dragon. When your energy is full you can use this ability for it to also spit fire.
  • Burnt Offering: Placing dragon idols (like eggs) on the ground that you or your ally can hit to cause damage on the enemy.
  • Avatar of Flame: YES! So cute. Transform into a Dragon increasing strength, armor, and the damage of your flame thrower!

             Passive: Increased movement speed in Lava.


Anyone who loves fire will enjoy this class straight from Level 1 equipped with a staff as your weapon that activates your primary skill– the flame thrower– unlocking all your skills as you level before Level 7.


Dragonfire Peaks Biome

When you zone into Dragonfire Peaks, you slink a little in your chair to match the heavier, hazier atmosphere where you can almost smell the smoke and feel the heat on your face as you ride across rock land riddled with lava leading you to Dragon-themed lairs and dungeons. The artwork especially in the sky cycles is perfect for a Dragon.


Building Blocks Include Lava, Water, and Music!

Yes, yes you can carry on with the theme of things in your Homeworld and Clubhouse, building to your voxel heart’s content and applying sponges to also direct the flow of lava and water. Music making is becoming extremely popular to compose. When you run across the blocks, music plays. There are also glass, glow, and metal blocks along with standard colors.


Not Enough? Change Your World to Volcanic!

This is what I mean about Trove having depths and layers setting it apart from other voxel games with its Community Creations. Players get to add their own content during alpha, causing the world of every person who sees their idea to come to pixel life in-game and out. Terraforming is available via the World Spring allowing you to change your homeworld to suit the biome theme you desire. Dragonfire Peaks even brought volcanic terraforming.

There is just so much to do and we have not even touched on the shadow arenas, football tournaments, or mech mounts! The list keeps going, but for now, soak in the fire!


Have any questions about Trove?

Please feel welcome to ask below in the comments section or jump on Trove’s Subreddit where all Trove inquiries are currently made as Trion prepares to provide Trove static forums in the near future.

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