Top Five Most Cosplayed Characters

Over the past few years, cosplay has exploded in popularity. It’s no longer limited to the most devout attendees of anime conventions—I’ve been to cons where the cosplayers outnumber those in street clothes! (Admittedly, those were smaller cons…but still!) The rise in cosplayers has shown that some characters really do get all the love—you can run into dozens of people dressed as a single character.

Now that the convention season had really taken off, here is our list of the top five most popular cosplay costumes you will see on the convention floor this year. Some of these are old favorites, and some have only recently been boosted to popularity.

I’d tell you to keep an eye out for these at your next convention but, really—you won’t have to. They’re everywhere!

1. Deadpool (Marvel Comics)

Also known as the “Merc with a Mouth”, it’s really no wonder that Deadpool is an extremely popular character. Even more, his sarcastic wit means that people often cosplay as Deadpool dressed up as other characters. Half the Deadpools you see will just be Deadpool, but the other half costumed Deadpools. Either way, expect to see no fewer than twenty of him in one day!

2. Harley Quinn (DC Comics)

Harley has been a fan favorite since she was introduce in Batman: The Animated Series, but it was really only after the Arkham games that she became one of the most cosplayed characters. You’ll also see unique, fan-made versions of Harley—steampunk, 50s, and burlesque, for example. In fact, the only version of Harley Quinn that is rare to see is the original harlequin costume.

3. Elsa (Disney’s Frozen)

Frozen is huge. Not only will you see tons of Elsas, but there will be a significant amount of Annas and even Olafs thrown in there. By and far, though, Elsa is the most popular costume. She’s so popular that she rivals old favorites. I saw a Disney cosplayer meetup at my last convention, and half of the thirty-something cosplayers there were dressed as Elsa.

4. Survey Corps Member (Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin)

Attack on Titan is probably the most mainstream anime we have right now. So it wouldn’t be surprising that you’ll see a few AoT cosplayers at conventions. However—you will see much more than a few of them. Attack on Titan is very popular, so it’s very easy to get your hands on an AoT costume!

5. Jinx (League of Legends)

Jinx was only released late last year, but she’s cosplayed more frequently than any other League of Legends character. I’d even venture to say that she’s portrayed more than any other PC game character. It’s easy to see why—she’s fun, badass, sexy, and has an awesome shark gun. And it’s easy to see a Jinx at a con, since there’s bound to be multiple iterations of the character.

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