This Week, Budgie Madness – Next Week, RIFT 2.6!

budgie race

Yep, as promised during last Friday’s live stream, it’s Budgie Madness! And Chicken Week. And Budgie Week. And hey-look-it’s-another-lockbox week. Whatever you wish to call it. It’s all rolled into one new RIFT promotion that started yesterday. The adorable budgie mounts are the main attraction of the week-long promotion that will run until February 12th.

Players can take part in up to three daily quests a day that involve short race courses in Freemarch/Silverwood, Cape Jule, and Pelladane. Completing the three dailies for the first time will reward each character with a Budgie Trove, which is this promotion’s unique lockbox that has a chance of containing the Frosty Budgie as well as various Tier 1 raid goodies. By completing the dailies, you can also collect Bird Seed. 850 Bird Seed can be turned in for the Ashen Budgie mount from the vendors near the race courses.

Unfortunately, with the length of the event, we won’t be able to pick up the Ashen Budgie just from the dailies (each rewards 10 seed, so 30 a day x 7 days = only 210 seed). Bird Seed can also be obtained inside the Budgie Troves, but generally seems to be rewarded in rather small amounts. Bird Seed isn’t tradeable between characters/alts, either. The good news is that we do get a free Budgie Trove or two, depending on how many Storm Legion-accessible alts we have.

The other bit of good news is that this promotion might come back in the future, so while it may not be worthwhile to continue doing the dailies more than once on alts if spending Credits isn’t your style, it may be worth doing them on your main just to hold onto Bird Seed for a later date. To get started with the races, head right outside the entrances of Sanctum/Meridian, Tulan in Cape Jule, and Tuldio Retreat in Pelladane to grab each of the three racing dailies.

In other news, Trion also announced a release date for RIFT 2.6! The update is called Dream Weaver and will go live on February 12th. We’ll be receiving Dream Weaving, the all-new crafting tradeskill, as well as the new Air Saga story questline, Bounty Hunts, new combat pet skins, the Black Loyalty tier, unstable artifacts, and a whole lot more.

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