The Risks of Cash Shop ‘World’ Events & Lockboxes

cash shop critic mech week RJ

So, Mech Week. From the odd way that Trion handed out a single Temporal Vault that was followed up by vault-opening gadgets after the single vault was opened to the new achievement, the soulbound items, and the fun little UI ad depicting a RIFT Store promotion as a “world” event, Mech Week has garnered a lot of attention and frustration from the RIFT community. First it was the limited time sales, then Fashion Week, then the introduction of lockbox after lockbox after lockbox– and now we have Mech Week and its issues. Is Trion beginning to near that line where F2P shops often cause their playerbase to seek pastures that are greener and not so covered in shop ads?

I seek a possible answer to that question and offer Trion some constructive criticism in this week’s The Cash Shop Critic column over at Junkies Nation. You can check it out here.

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