The Launch of ArcheAge: Realities and Expectations

DDoS stuff isn’t Trion’s fault
Trion is extremely limited with how they can fix issues due to the fact that they’re only the publisher– people aren’t getting this. All major overhauls, etc. must be done by XLGAMES which isn’t an easy process due to them being overseas.

Despite issues, Trion has been great about providing bonus goodies, compensation for downtime, etc. This, in essence, is what a good publisher does have control over.

Trion increased server capacities.

Trion’s going to start kicking AFK people on the char selection screen as well as start kicking AFK people who are leveling their mounts while AFK.

Talk about the Starter’s packs being better than even the Archeum Starter Pack which was $ 150. Cash shop stuff is different for the most part, which adds up to a bit more credits, but Founder’s received head start access which is super important for the game due to the land grab thing. The problem with the queues, etc., doesn’t really help that, though. Players feel Trion is doing something horrid here. It seems to be mainly the fact that both packs included 3 months of Patron status that is bothering people, cause Patrons + Founders share the same log in queue. Were

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also some issues with Patrons getting stuck in the normal queue and Patron status disappearing (this one’s current).

Starter’s pack: 1500+2240+3900+1200+600+240+240+160+2520+2940+600+ 2090+225+225+225+400+1425+985 = 21715 Credits | thats 145$ , the 90 days is 45 more, the 150$ starter pack is 190$ value ~
11250 MAX
60 PATRON = 6600!
(the cloak)
(the desert plate)
(The title)
can essentially be all be for the glammour~!

90 PATRON = 2200×3=6600+
3900 credits (expansion)
1200 credits (workers compensation)
900 credits (vocation)
160 credits
2490 credits (archeum supply crates)
600 credits
1000 credits(mount+armour)
2250 credits (Ball attire)
895 credits (chest)



The founder’s packs had the intangible items, a few cosmetic items, some of which are exclusive, yes (but at the silver/gold level, are darn near worthless because they are not upgradeable and replaced in game in mere minutes). However, all 3 levels of the starter packs have better value for the money, and at the Archeum level, it’s almost $ 80 more value.

People are also frustrated about the fact that Trion added two new servers on launch day. This frustration, presumably, was a result from the fact that players feel the need to reroll to try again for the land grab thing, but it isn’t that big of a deal. As players come and go, more land will free up on the original Head Start servers. Trion could add in char transfers for Founders, though, this would seem like a fair compromise. But how will land be handled here? hmm…

Having a max housing restriction might make sense.

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