The Devouring Swarm Event Temporarily Disabled

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Due to a few things breaking in between the PTS testing and the launch of “The Devouring Swarm”, an Architect-themed Meridian/Sanctum city siege event that was supposed to go live for a week beginning yesterday, the event was temporarily disabled late yesterday after players noticed that damage wasn’t scaling quite right and crafting alts were randomly getting slaughtered by overeager level 62 Architects.

No current ETA is known regarding when the event will be fixed and brought back on live shards. Here is Tacitus’ announcement:

Originally posted by Tacitus (Source)

We are disabling the event “The Devouring Swarm” at this time.

As many people found out, to much dismay, it looks like something broke between the PTS event and it going Live. A number of the creature abilities are not behaving as they are supposed to be behaving and not scaling their damage appropriately. As a result, it was having greatly unintended consequences for low level players in its current state.

We have disabled the event until we can track down what broke and implement a fix.

No eta on a return yet.

Our thoughts go out to the many would be heroes of Meridian and Sanctum that met their fates at the brutal hands of the Architect Swarm.

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