very old school. don’t like the controls, but everything else is charming. I generally hate being told I’m a child but obviously on an adventure. The dog mom, Toriel, doing so much for me and (literally) holding my hand works though. Random fights. Ugh. Talking, moving, sassy rocks that hold down buttons. Not the usual kind that just get pushed around. Fights with the talk option are cute and an interesting change of pace. Like an old school top-down game in an RPG. Toriel patted me on the head. I suddenly miss my father. Toriel is a teacher… and lonely. God, the feels. I thought I’d really have to fight her after having read a review of the entry to the game. I persisted and was not disappointed, but… god, my heart aches. She disappeared though. She won’t pick up the phone either. My heart. Game makes interesting use of blank space. Several times you walk down corridors with nothing. It’s not

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that it’s boring, but you expect something. It builds tension because it’s unexpected, and it’s something I feel few games make good use of these days except for cliches, like right before a boss fight (not including horror games). Sans and Papyrus… the fonts. Hah. Zoom ins and drums on Sans’ jokes are great. Great puns. “conveniently shaped lamp” “There’s some narration on this cardboard box”

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