Starcraft 2 Code S Championships Conclude

The Starcraft 2 GSL Season 3 Code S championships have just come to an end this past weekend in South Korea. For the first time in two years a Terran claimed the title. Lee Shin “Innovation” Hyung, the Terran, vanquished Eo Yoon “Soo” Su, a Zerg, in match six of the best of seven.

Innovation carried the hopes and dreams of Terran players long deprived of victory in the tournament. Soo, on the other hand, had hopes of a championship victory that has continually slipped from his grasp. He has appeared in four consecutive Code S championships, only to be defeated in every one. He has been the perennial number two and this championship was no different.

Soo started the series 2-0 against Innovation before a loss in match three sent him into a tailspin. Innovation swept the next three matches, closing out the championships.

Innovation’s victory comes a few months after patch 2.1.3, Blizzard’s last balance update. The patch buffed Widow Mines for Terran and also gave them a small quality of life upgrade for the Thor’s targeting system.

Following patch 2.1.3 and Innovation’s stellar victory at the Code S championships, how far will Terran push competitively in the months to come?

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