Smash Bros for 3DS: Mii Fighter Guide

The most under appreciated fighter in the new Smash Bros for 3DS has to be the Mii Fighter. Some people really dislike its inclusion, but as I’ve mentioned previously, I really do like the level of customization in this game, and it really shines on with the Mii Fighter. For one, it’s the only fighter that automatically has all of its customizable moves unlocked from the start (though sadly, you can only use the Mii Fighters in single player, local play, and online with friends, not strangers).

To note, this guide is based on the Japanese version of the game and will be updated once I know the English names for things. A few things were picked up from Game (like achievements).

Now, for those still playing the Japanese version of the game, perhaps these images (it’s a gallery) will help you better understand your moves.

The moves you get are quite varied, as you can see. You can nearly remake classic characters, like Link, Samus, Marth, or Captain Falcon, or make something quite unique. For example, you can trick out the gun fighter to have Samus’ missles and energy weapon and Fox’s reflector while taking a meteor smash triple jump.

The Mii Brawler plays like Captain Falcon for it’s basic attacks, using a lot of kicks but also punches. Many of its special are taken from the same moveset pool, though for neutral B, Iron Ball Toss and the Uppercut seem unique. I can’t say I like the uppercut, the Iron Ball Toss is a pretty high damaging mid-range move. Explosive drop kick feels like Marth’s side B, though I personally like the non-charged version of it (100 kicks), just because it gets you moving. Head splitter can cause you to suicide with it’s downward motion so, um, be careful with it! None of the Up-B moves remind me of Falcon’s, but that’s ok. The Up-Down Kick reminds me of Ike’s recovery move, which is still dangerous, but does get some good vertical movement. The other two are pretty similar and tame in my opinion, but also much safer to play with. The down B attacks were a bit surprising to me. The inverted kick is from Zero Suit Samus, while 100-Kick Rush is, well, like Falcon’s down B. However, the Piledriver Headbutt is taken from Bowser’s tool kit, which is nice but, once again, risky. The final Smash is easy to miss with, so make sure you’re near your target!

The Swordsman, naturally, is a “Link clone,” but only for it’s basic attacks (mostly). For neutral B, the Repeat Slash is from Metaknight, Shuriken is from Greninja, but the Tornado Shot is pretty unique, combing the push back from Mario’s FLUDD with some actual damage if the enemy is close enough. The Irregular Assault Slash feels a bit like Sonic’s side B, oddly enough, while side-B is, again, like Marth and Ike’s side B. The Chakram is a bit similar to Ness’ basic fire but with a different flavor (slashing instead of flames), though you need to hold the combo a bit more, so it doesn’t feel very useful to me yet. For up B, Spinning Cutter is taken straight from Link, while Sword Dash comes from Fox’s up B. Rocket Pierce is another recovery move that slams down, and it doesn’t feel like it gets tremendous height, just damage, so be careful of that. For Down B, the above transcription’s descriptions work, but note that Reverse Rush is like Mario’s cape on steroids (even on a little fighter it feels like it hits well, but perhaps the recovery is a tad longer). The Final Smash isn’t too hard to hit with, just make sure the target’s in front of you.

Finally, the Gun Fighter, or the little Samus. Neutral B borrows from Samus and Fox’s kits, but the Grenade Launcher feels more unique. It’s like the Canon Charge, but it deal damage rather than having a strong kick. For side B, the Flame Pillar actually hits pretty hard, but again, it won’t send anyone flying. Stealth Bomb’s better at that, or you can just take the renamed missiles Samus uses (similar to Samus, normal forward B releases homing missiles while a smash attack releases a hard hitting missile). For Up B, you’ve got Arm Rocket for great recovery and no damage, Canon Jump Punch for a meteor attack recovery, and Bottom Shot for a more traditional, straight forward recovery attack. For Down B, you can use Fox’s reflector, Ness’ absorb, or you can try the Ground Bomb, a rather hard hitting short range projectile that explodes on contact with enemies and items or will detonate in a few seconds. The final smash is pretty similar to Mario or Samus’, so again, just make sure the enemy is in front of you.

However, just because the moves are similar to pre-existing character doesn’t mean these are clones. The stats of your character carry over from it’s height and weight. After running some tests on the punching bag, here’s what I found:

Body Type Damage w/ neutral A Damage with F-smash Link neutral a damage Damage from Link F-smash jump vs Link vs same height mii vs same weight mii
short/fat 4 26 2 9 higher lowest highest
short/thin 3 25 2 9 higher highest highest
short/reg 3 25 2 9 higher mid highest
norm/fat 4 26 2 9 little higher lowest mid
norm/thin 3 25 2 9 little higher highest shortest
norm/norm 3 26 2 9 little higher mid mid
tall/fat 4 27 2 9 same lowest shortest
tall/thin 3 25 2 9 same highest shortest
tall/norm 4 26 2 9 same mid mid

To note about the jumping: the best jumper (a short, thin Mii) jumps nearly twice as high as the worst jumper (a tall, fat Mii). The height isn’t just by feet, but also accounts for ledge grabbing ability. However, jump is also related to weight, in that heavier characters don’t fly as easily as lighter ones.

Now, what does all this mean? Tall and fat characters become stronger and heavier, while short and thin characters become quick and light. Neither height nor weight seems to add more to strength or weight from what I can tell. They seem to work together evenly. Unlike with the stat customization available to all characters (where you choose to enhance speed, attack, or defense), attack and defense are both linked together, so you can’t make a that has max speed and damage but low in defense; you either enhance speed or damage and defense. At what point your damage goes up or you become lighter is hard to say, so personally, when making a Mii Fighter, I copy a character and make a specific Smash version of her.

For those who do want a fast and strong character (or even defensive but quick), you can customize stats like you would any other character. Various parts drop in Smash Run, Figure Rush, the single player game (if you get the wrench icon on the slot reel) or by completing certain achievements. Orange items are offense (dealing more damage), blue are defense (lower launch; damage received stays the same), and green are speed (faster run and higher jump; attack speed is the same), but you can only use parts meant for your character. For example, Miis can’t use Pokeballs, and the Gun Fighter can’t use Swords, so if you pick up an item with those icons, know that it’s for a different character. Also, to note, offensive items decrease defense, defensive items decrease speed, and speed items decrease offense. You could raise everything with the right parts, since items with no cantrips but focus on stats usually decrease a stat by about 50%-70% of the amount they increase the stat by, so you could just make a “super mii.”

Of course, just having your own moves and unique stats isn’t enough customization, or at least, not enough for me. While you start with a few costumes, here are the ones I’ve unlocked, either by grabbing “wrench icon” items in Smash Run (search the name of the item twice to see if there’s a way to unlock it):


Hockey Mask

Sheik’s Mask

Ninja Headband

Samurai Helmet

Gladiator Helmet

Pirate Hat

Western Hat

Cowboy Hat (longer brim)

Flower Hat

Wizard’s Hat

Devil Horns

Blond Beehive Hair

Football Helmet

Chef’s Hat


Top Hat

Straw Hat


Chicken Hat

Bear Hat

Cat Ears

Flower Master Hat

Barbara‘s Hat

Captain Falcon’s Helmet

Zelda Wig

Shy Guy Mask

Spikey Shell

1Up Mushroom Hat

Super Mushroom Hat

Waluigi’s Hat

Daisy Wig

Princess Crown

Luig’s Hat

Samus’ Helmet

Lion Hat


Prince Hat


Brawler’s Clothes:

Karate Fighter Clothes

Judo Clothes

Normal Fighter Clothes

Elysium Suit

Vampire Clothes

Biker Gang Clothes


Gun Fighter Clothes:

Western Duds

Dress Suit

Dragon Armor

Normal Gun Fighter Suit

Heavy Armor Suit

Wizard Suit

Steam Punk Suit


Sword Fighter Clothes:

Pirate Suit

Tron Suit

Ninja Suit

Normal Swordsman Suit

Sci-Fi Suit

Samurai Armor

Knight’s Armor



These are achievements that will directly give you parts to use on your Mii fighter (or sometimes other fights as well). The numbers refer to the achievement list in game. Note that you must complete a certain amount of achievements in one window before unlocking them in the next panel, but even though you can’t see it, the game is still tracking those achievements (which will unlocks as soon as you’ve unlocked them as viewable). “Items” are customizable parts used for Smash Run.

002 [Item] Horizontal Beam Lv 1- Complete Smash Run in 1st Place

004 [Mii Equipment] Football Helmet- Create a Mii Fighter

010 [Item] Heading Enhancement- Lv 1 Unlock 5 Head Custom Parts

012 [Mii Equipment] Super Mushroom Hat- Play Rival Battle once

015 [Item] Reflector Lv 2 Collect 10 or more Items during Smash Run

030 [Mii Equipment] Luigi Hat- Win 3 matches as Luigi

032 [Mii Equipment] Spiny Shell (Hat)- Play Cruel Battle once

033 [Item] Body Attack Enhancement Lv 1- Unlock 3 Body Custom Parts

034 [Mii Equipment] Princess Zelda Wig- Win 2 matches as Zelda

036 [Item] Rolling Blade Lv 2- Complete Smash Run in 1st Place with 5 fighters

037 [Item] Beam Sword Use Speed Badge- Land a 40 hit combo in Training

039 [Item] Running Speed Up Speed Badge- Customize 3 fighters

041 [Item] Hyper Smash Attack Badge- Get 100 total KOs

044 [Item] Shiney Spark Lv 2- Play StreetPass Smash with 5 different people

045 [Item] Shot Down Recovery Defense Badge- Score 10 or more in Rival Battle

048 [Item] Mach Stamp Lv 2- Collect 25 or more Items during Smash Run

049 [Item] Auto Recovery Attack Badge- Win 100 Man Battle

056 [Item] First Hitter Speed Badge- Get 20 Counters in StreetPass Smash

057 [Item] Home Run Bat Use Speed Badge- Score better than 600m on Home Run Contest

059 [Item] Horizontal Beam Lv 2- Play Smash Run 5 times

062 [Mii Equipment] Samus’ Helmet Win 10 matches as Samus

063 [Item] Smash Ball Attraction Speed Badge- Unlock 15 Custom Abilities

064 [Mii Equipment] Samurai Helmet- Unlock 5 Body Custom Parts

065 [Item] Critical Hit Attack Badge- Get 300 total KOs

066 [Item] Quick Swing Batter Attack Badge- Play Home Run Contest with 15 different characters

067 [Mii Equipment] Top Hat- Create 8 Mii Fighters

068 [Mii Equipment] Knight’s Armor- Unlock 10 Head Custom Parts

072 [Item] Leader Lv 3- Score better than 1.000m on Home Run Contest

074 [Item] Air Defense Up Defense Badge- Customize 10 fighters

075 [Item] Recovery Lv 3- Score 50 or more in Rival Battle

076 [Item] Squat Recovery Defense Badge- Defeat 110 or more opponents in 3 Minute Battle

081 [Item] Walking Speed Up Attack Badge- Fighters walk a total of 50km

082 [Item] Quick Smash Defense Badge- Clear 10 Man Battle in 20 seconds or less

083 [Item] Jump Strengthening Speed Badge- Land over 400 total hits between all fighters in Training

084 [Mii Equipment] Crown- Complete All-Star Mode with all fighters

085 [Mii Equipment] Steampunk Clothes- Clear all red targets in Target Blast

092 [Item] Shuffle Lv 3- Win Smash Run with all fighters

093 [Item] Hi Jump Lv 3- Fighters jump a total of 10km

096 [Mii Equipment] Samurai Suit- Land a 100 hit combo in Training

097 [Mii Equipment] Princess Crown- Play for 20 hours

098 [Mii Equipment] Lion Hat- Defeat 4 or more opponents in Cruel Battle

100 [Item] Launch Skill Attack Badge- Get 1.000 total KOs

101 [Item] Just Shield Explosion Defense Badge- Defeat 2 or more opponents in Cruel Battle

102 [Item] Futtobi Ring- Defeat 200 or more opponents in Endless Battle

103 [Mii Equipment] Prince Hat- Collect all items in Smash Run

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