Smash Bros 3DS Live Blogging September 12

Can’t wait to get your hands on the new Smash Bros coming out in the states October 4? Neither can I, so I’ll be grabbing a Japanese copy on launch day play till my eyes bleed (or my girlfriend pulls me away for a movie we’ve been dying to see). However, I’ll be nice. every 20 minutes or so, I’ll try to answer questions or make comments on how I feel about the game for several hours.

While I have played the game a little already and written about it, it was only a small taste. Those with questions about new games modes, fighters, or specific things they’d like me to check out should lead the live blogging by leaving comments in this post. For the record, I’m more of a hardcore-casual Smasher: all items, all stages. I know a few tricks (like last generation’s trick with Snake’s sliding mortars), but if there’s something really specific to the hardcore seen, leave me a bit of an explanation or link to what the feature/glitch was and I’ll do my best to test it!

For the record, my local electronics shop couldn’t give me a pick-up time for the game. I’ll have to check back with them during the week. Also keep in mind that September 12 for those of you in the states (and Europe) is September 13th in Japan, so this will be a launch day live blogging like last time time.

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