Shadow of Revan SWTOR Expansion Launching December 9th

BioWare announced the next digital expansion coming for Star Wars: The Old Republic today. It’s called Shadow of Revan, and yep, as you might have guessed– Revan’s back with a new set of fanatical followers for us to take down.

The expansion will consist of 5 new levels (bringing the cap up to level 60), a new tropical planet called Rishi to explore, additional story content on Yavin 4, 2 new level 60 operations, 4 new hardmode flashpoints, 2 “role-neutral” flashpoints, and an all-new Discipline system that’s going to serve as a way for players to pick and choose abilities for their characters without feeling forced to pick certain paths in the game’s current skill tree system. The current skill tree is going to be overhauled for the expansion.

Players can pre-order the expansion now, of course, and doing so grants a few bonuses: A Revan statue for your Stronghold, 7 days of early access (beginning December 2nd), and a special EXP boost for subscribers that grants up to 12x times the EXP all the way to level 55 when completing class story missions. For more details, check out the pre-order page.

There’s also a video, of course:

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