Round 2 of the Autumn Harvest Goodie Reveal


Get your Halloween pails ready, RIFTers. Autumn Harvest is beginning today, and you know what that means– artifacts galore, costumes galore, and plenty of booze, drunken Fae, and spooky dimensions to visit. Earlier this week, we previewed a whole bunch of the new items, costumes, consumables, dimension items, and achievements being added in this year’s Autumn Harvest. Yesterday, all of that hit live shards a day early along with even more new goodies. Three new costumes became available on the RIFT Store along with two new random grab bag/supply crates that have a chance of containing one very cool mount and a new set of Halloween-themed masks and weapons. The masks also have an accompanying achievement.

Care for a preview? Check out Round 2 of our Autumn Harvest preview on Junkies Nation.

Also be sure to stay tuned for our updated Autumn Harvest guide as this year’s event unravels later in the day. If you didn’t take part in last year’s Autumn Harvest, you can take a look at our guide from last year to get an idea of how parts of the event may work.

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