RIFT: New Expansion Information Revealed at PAX

On Friday night we enjoyed sharing news from Trion Worlds at their PAX Prime Party in Seattle. Now we bring you more in-depth teasers for RIFT 3.0: Nightmare Tide– the expansion launching on October 8th– from a video recorded by MMOReporterNetwork on Youtube interviewing Bill “Daglar” Fisher and Simon “DeadSimon” Finch. Here are all the important tidbits that were revealed in one handy list:

Traveling Around the Plane of Water

  • Fast swimming
  • No breathing bar
  • Shark mount jumps
  • Bloodfire Army storylines add the burned elements
  • 10% of content takes place underwater
  • Vertical, layered environment map is large as well as high over and under land

Leveling & Mastery

  • Levels are free to 65
  • Each level you get one Mastery which adds to your soul in use and you use only one at a time
  • Synergies created to be used per role saved to the role which can be changed at any time out of combat

Rewarding Explorers 

  • Harder, repeatable puzzles
  • Smaller puzzles you need to get keys for


Water Zones – More than Just Water

  • Ice – Glaciers on the edge of the cosmos
  • Mt Sharax “The Cosmic Mountain” raid zone


  • 4 new dungeons (1 already in game – Nightmare Coast)
  • 2 rehashed including Iron Tombs

Nightmare Rifts

  • 120 bosses made for these rifts
  • Leadership Boards
  • Scale to size of party
  • Power Ups available at different stage that can be saved
  • Ability to skip stages
  • Instanced version available during later patches of 3.0


  • Can mentor up as well as down – no additional abilities so considerably weaker in combat


  • They’re account-wide collectibles
  • Collected all the ways rewards are currently available in game
  • Missions with attributes
  • Can be leveled and rewards will scale with level of minion
  • Can go out on adventures for hours or days
  • A multitude of minions can be used at once


“Rift: Keeps breaking the rules and making new experiences for everyone to have” – Daglar


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