RIFT: Extraordinary Cosplay by HS Designs

RIFT cosplay has lit up Facebook with the latest design by Germany’s Hannes Schonian Design based on the Storm Legion Warrior “Ceremonial Bundle”.

Image 1


Trion Worlds Gives the Thumbs Up!

Sven Bybyee, the Lead Concept Artist for Trion Worlds who designed this armor set, sent his approval inviting Mr. Schonian to the 3.0 Alpha. Schonian responds on Facebook with this message:

“Best Cosplay moment EVER. The Designer of the Rift Armor Sets send me a message and sad that its a big compliment that I cosplayed his Design and he love it *-* RIFT shared my Cosplay on their Page and asked me if I would be interested in Alpha and Beta for the new Expansion. *-*” – Hannes Schonian.

In March, HS Designs also created an awesome Storm Legion Warlock using the Mage “Abyssal Bundle” and when you browse their Facebook page it appears there is definitely an interest in 3.0 armor sets.

Image 7Image4

Cosplay has become such an exciting part of gaming, animation, role play, and art design, so it is with a massive smile we are able to enjoy such a brilliantly creative interpretation of RIFT.

Well done, HS Design! We cannot wait to see your future designs!

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