RIFT 2.6: Dream Weaver 2/12/14

RJ Patch Notes

As of Wednesday night, 2.6 caused a major issue with in-game chat services and mail services. The latest update can be found on the official forums here.


New Trade Skill: Dream Weaver
Craft keys for 15 new Dimensions plus all kinds of visual effects for your favorite retreats. Enjoy waterfalls, sparkles, smoke, object-free lighting, weather-blockers, and more!

Unstable Artifacts Sets … and Rewards
Go nuts with artifacts you’ve collected from unstable zone events across Telara. Rewards include dual-function items – use them to add flair to your Dimensions or trigger fun effects in the world at-large – plus new Planar Squirrel mounts!

Bounty System
Collect new artifacts as you hunt down a huge range of villains and planespawn, troublemakers and beasts. Complete sets to earn Bounty Hunter Achievements granting titles, animal calls, Dimension trophies, cloaks, and access to a vendor selling remarkable new potions.

Prelude: Air Saga Storyline
Embark on a multi-phase Air Saga that opens the door to an earlier age. At launch, you’ll relive the story lines leading up to Exodus of the Storm Queen. Then, in evolving phases over the weeks to come, you’ll track Crucia to Dusken and discover where her journey ends. In true flashback fashion, you’ll earn “Watcher” and “of the Icewatch” titles, a Storm Griffon companion pet, and Storm Legion Armor wardrobe pieces!

Combat Pet Skins
Many pets now have alternate skins available. Check the character sheet pet tab and the Rift Store for ways to unlock them!

Dimensions Quality of Life Update
More dimension slots, sorting and filtering in the item list, and a lot of small visual updates. Check out the Dimensions section below for more details.

All this and more, including but not limited to the return of the Love Bug, new Bloodfire Raid Rifts, the Carnival’s return, and even more of the prelude into 3.0.

Stay tuned to the blog and future patch notes for further details!

* Players can now see their fellow raid members that are stealthed.
* Fixed a rare mouselook bug that would randomly cause the camera to look straight up or straight down. Let’s all share a moment of silence for the passing of this ancient bug that was older than the game itself.
* When a replacement is added to an LFG party, the vote-kick timer now resets for the group.
* Replacement members added to an LFG should always be able to use the “Enter Dungeon” dialog to teleport to the existing group, even if the replacement members were manually added.
* Joining an LFG group directly from warfronts will no longer rarely cause the user to get instantly booted from the group.
* Fixed an issue that caused mount ability buttons to sometimes not work.
* Killing creatures that award Torvan or Lycini notoriety now only do so if the mob grants XP.
* Reduced the frequency of the Sinister Tide and Invasive Species rifts.
* Added inexpensive lures to open the Sinister Tide and Invasive Species rifts.
* You can once again buy tradeskill extensions directly from trainer NPCs when attempting to train a new skill if you don’t have enough slots.
* Facebook integration now works correctly once more.
* The Winter Homemaker achievement has had its text clarified.

* Being resurrected by another player in an instance no longer causes a long load delay.
* Significantly improved performance of particle effects, especially on multicore computers.
* Internal restructuring of how chat traffic is handled to improve general server performance.
* Fixed a problem where the main map could show as all black in instances.
* Fixed a visual issue in character select involving characters with lots of hair and a hat.
* Fixed a rare client crash that happened on shutdown after using Twitter.
* Fixed visual issues inside Frozen Tempest and Grim Awakening.
* Fixed ice rendering issues near the Chancel of Labors.

* Black loyalty tier has been added to the RIFT Store along with new rewards!
* Most dimension keys on the Rift Store are now tradeable and giftable.
* We now support alternate payment methods for purchasing Credits such as Allopass and Rixty! There is a new link in the Rift Store under purchase Credits that leads to a webpage where you can use these payment methods.
* Wishlists now correctly update instantly if a player is viewing a friend’s wishlist and an item is removed.

* Budgie Madness has come to an end. Hang on to your Bird Seed if you didn’t get a chance to pick up an Ashen Budgie, as the event will return at a later date!
* The Chicken Run achievement can now be viewed under the Promotions category.

* A new quest line has been added to Necropolis. Find Prepo Detolo and see what you can do to help him win his true love.
* Guild quests requiring killing of creatures ‘of at least green difficulty’ now work with player Mentoring.
* Players can no longer be sent to Droughtlands on a fishing derby they can’t complete because they’re too low level in Fishing.

* Increased the amount of damage reduction provided by max Valor at level 60 to 84%.
* Increased the amount of healing and absorb reduction in PVP at level 60 to 58%.
* Note: the tooltip for Valor is currently bugged and not displaying any damage reduction. An engineer is working on an ASAP fix!
* Conquest:
– The winning team in conquest can now interact with a chest to gain bonus loot. Rewards range from extra currency, Radiant Infinity Cells, or Temporal Vaults with a chance to drop dungeon level and sliver level rewards.
– The final stage of Conquest has been altered slightly. The final boss now spawns 10 seconds after the phase change to the final phase, instead of after the foci are defeated. The reward chests also spawn at this time.
* The Weekly Cap for Myrmidon’s Marks has been increased to 10,000.
* Relic upgrade paths are now available for all Myrmidon armor and accessories.
* Players can no longer be queued twice in the same warfront queue by two different group leaders.
* Added two loading screens for the warfront Library of the Runemasters.

* The Infernal Dawn Chronicle no longer awards items upon first completion. Instead, it now matches other duo chronicles in rewarding extra notoriety.

* Increased the maximum active dimension slots to 20!
* Players can now search for any public dimension.
* Sorting and filtering have been added to the dimension item list window.
* Dimension boundaries are now only visible in edit mode. Goodbye, green shimmer!
* When put up for auction, dimension keys now show up under Dimension Keys.
* The cottage in Deepwood Cottage now grants Rest XP. The sky no longer changes when entering the cottage.
* Some icons for gravestone dimension items have been improved.
* Increased range on Music Boxes. When you place a Music Box, it should now play music throughout your entire dimension.
* Removed unremovable grass from the interior of the main building of the Central Necropolis dimension. As a result, dimension items that remove small plants (such as the Groundrazer Mushroom) now work as expected there!Thanks, Rali@Zaviel!
* Added custom loading screens and/or flavor text to the following dimensions: Deepwood Cottage, Bogling Boggle, Temple of the Abandoned, Infinity Gate, Icewatch Outpost, Hailol, Empyrean Mill, Three Springs, and Moonshade Pools.
* The correct background image now displays in the dimensions window for Deepwood Cottage.
* Fixed loading screen flavor text for the Stone Flask Tavern dimension.
* Vengeful Sky now has a ‘floor’ under the ground.

* Relic crafted cloaks now have an upgrade path using the maximum notoriety Torvan cloaks as well as other reagents.
* The player’s name no longer shows up as “made by” on Runecrafting materials that have been converted from one type to another.

* New tanking runes can be found on various faction quartermasters.
* The “Token Boost” item set bonus no longer increases the amount of Myrmidon Marks or Frozen Eclipse Stones earned.
* Quicksilver Yearbook now summons NPCs at the caster’s level, up to level 50.
* Fixed an issue where several Storm Legion trinkets that absorb damage were not having their effects reduced in PVP combat.
* Changed the item tooltip for Account Bound items to be more consistent.
* Fixed some level requirement issues with Empyreal Weapon upgrades, for real.
* Fixed a bug with the set “Notoriety Boost” not granting the appropriate amount of bonus notoriety.
* The Death Toll now has a caster upgrade path.
* Titan Forged Life Battery now has a non-caster upgrade path.
* The Spectral Hand now has a caster upgrade path.
* Lock box tooltips now show you a list of keys that can unlock the lockbox.

* Added 30 more macro icons!
* The minimap now displays unique color icons for displaying gathering resources such as ore, plants, wood, and fish.
* Fix an uncommon crash that occurred when addons were enabled.
* Fixed display bugs in the minimap in various parts of the world, including the underwater area of Ember Isle.
* Fixed the top XP bar so that it is no longer transparent.
* Fix for @gtae in Russian.

* The heal over time from Blood Thirsty, both the PA and Guild Perk, now falls off if the target dies.
* Fixed an issue that caused player abilities like Retreat and Defensive Maneuver to sometimes jump forward instead of backward.
* Some soul tree presets now have a Guide link to a website that display additional information on how to play the preset.

* Added the following new talent presets for the Rogue calling:
– Virtuoso
– Phasewalker
– Dervish
– Bladestalker – Min level 50
– Skirmisher
– Huntsman
– Nightstalker
– Shadow Stalker
– Demolition Specialist

* Backstab: Positional requirement removed. Now deals 25% less damage when not behind the target.
* Advanced Flanking: Removes 10% per point of positional damage penalty for Backstab.
* Savage Strike: Positional Bonus removed.
* Final Blow: Positional Bonus removed.
* Improved Savage Strike: Each point now grants 5% crit and 5% damage.
* Improved Final Blow: Each point now grants 5% damage and 3% crit.

* The finisher buff for Heat Retention is now named Internal Heat.
* Ebon Blades: Now a 100% chance, but damage done has been reduced by 70%.

* Removed 3m range requirement for all Ranger abilities.
* Concussive Blast: No longer a finisher, nor does it deal damage. Interrupt functionality and cooldown remain unchanged.

* Removed 3m range requirements for all Marksman abilities.
* Close Quarters Combat: Now Ranged Combat Mastery. Provides a 2% damage increase to all ranged abilities.

* Shadow Blitz: AOE range increased to 10m.

* Curative Engine: Can no longer be purged.

* Added the following new talent presets for the Warrior calling:
– Dendrome Defender – Min level 35
– Warslinger – Min level 55
– Pactbreaker – Min level 60
– Beastlord
– Deathbinder – Min level 60
– Lord of War
– Planar Seether – Min level 60
– Overlord
– Righteous Defender
– Fury

* Accord of the Rift: Now gives the effects of all other Accords.
* Unstable Void: Now gives the effect of Void.
* Ambient Engorgement: Provides pacts all the time.
* Unstable Reaction: No longer suffers from pushback.
* Staggering Rage: Now only silences on a successful interrupt as the talent describes.
* Airburst: Cooldown reduced to 20s. Range increased to 10m.

* Protector’s Fury: No longer gives stacks of Righteous Fury upon damage taken. It now provides a flat 25% bonus to life damage, 5% reduced damage taken, and 5% healing received.
* Sweeping Strikes: Damage done has been increased.
* Judgment: Cooldown reduced to 20s. Range increased to 10m.

* Dire Corruption, Stumbling Corruption, and Decaying Corruption: Changed into GTAoE with 20m cast range. Their AoE range remains unchanged.
* Creeping Corruption: Now single target instead of self-targeted with a 20m cast range. Other effects remain unchanged.
* Corruptions: Now deals damage instantly. Previously, they had a 3 second delay before the first DoT tick happened. Their damage has not been reduced, so this is a slight DPS increase.
* Binding of Shadow and Binding of Devouring Darkness: Updated to increase the cast range of all corruptions.
* Concussion: Cooldown reduced to 20s. Range increased to 10m.

* Charged Pulse: Now deals 25% less damage in Player vs. Player combat.
* Arc: Now deals 50% less damage in Player vs. Player combat.

* Added the following new talent presets for the Cleric calling:
– Storm Brute – Requires level 50.
– Umbral Zealot
– Aquamancer – Requires level 60.
– Life Linker – Requires level 52.
– Frozen Twister – Requires level 60.
– Dragon Lord – Requires level 60.
– Lawbringer
– Holy Fire Shaman

* Curse of Discord: Fixed an issue where the final tick was not being affected by the damage bonus from Dark Manifesto.

* Righteous Imperative: Cooldown has been reduced to 20s.

* Updated the Greater Satyr Protector and Satyr Protector pets to use the new pet model.
* Crushing Force: Removed the damage variance.

* Reef Barrier: Now procs from area effect absorbs as indicated by the description.

* Added the following new talent presets for the Mage Calling:
– Archonbinger
– The Beginner
– Leafblade
– Fire Hunter – Requires level 60.
– Quintessential Harbinger
– Healing Blade – Requires level 48.
– Eldritch Knight – Requires level 60.

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