RIFT 2.5: Song of Dreams PTS Preview

rift 2.5 song of dreams preview RJ header

With RIFT‘s next major patch update– RIFT 2.5– coming Wednesday, November 6th, there’s a ton of new content on the horizon including underwater content just off the shores of Ember Isle complete with new quests, carnage quests, daily quests, rifts, rewards, and a zone event. We’ll also be seeing a level 60 version of the Drowned Halls sliver and an updated, overhauled level 60 version of Deepstrike Mines with new encounters. Four additional level 60 chronicles will also become accessible. One of which is a new Planebreaker Bastion chronicle while the other three are “Intrepid” versions of level 50 chronicles that have been updated for level 60 players. Players who are currently maxed out on Planar Attunement will also be able to explore the three new PA trees– Storm, Cinder, and Nature.

While the developers have announced that not all of the new 2.5 content will be launching when the update goes live and will instead be released as the weeks unfold, most of the new content is currently previewing on the Player Test Shard for players to explore.

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