RIFT 2.5 Hotfix #6 12/11/13

RJ Patch Notes


Planebreaker Bastion: Aftermath
Every week until Fae Yule we’re introducing newly updated content for level 60! Our fifth feature is the Planebreaker Bastion: Aftermath Chronicle, which explores what comes after the Planebreaker Bastion raid, and has some new rewards to boot!

Fae Yule!
Fae Yule makes a return on 12/12/13, this Thursday afternoon, and with the holiday tidings comes bonus loot! Many bosses in expert dungeons, slivers, and raid dungeons now dropping boxes with extra goodies inside.

New PvP Mode: Ranked 5v5 Warfronts!
These Warfronts are now available for all level 60 players. Participants will be bolstered up to Rank 90 Myrmidon gear upon entering. The leader of a full group must queue through the normal PVP window to enter. Points are scored based on kills; the first team to 25 kills takes the match. To track your 5v5 rating, check the Warfront results window!

* Dyes can now be previewed in the Store! Go to the dye category and click on dye to preview the color on your character preview.
– Additionally, you can also control-click dyes that are in your inventory to preview them.
– You can also click on Dye recipes to see a preview of the dye.
* Fixed an issue causing the tints on Robe of the Sea to be reversed. It should now have both primary and secondary dye options.
* You can now dye many costume capes that previously could not be!


* Manslaughter:
– Now has a chance to drop a Mechanized Temporal Vault.

* Removed the loot from the Abyssal Zealots and Defilers before Isskal.
* Killing any pack of mobs will now lock players to the instance.
* Trash mobs now respawn less frequently.
* The drop rate on trash mobs has been reduced.

* Sumpters will despawn after Eggtenders have been defeated.

* Elm, Karthite, and Frazzleweed now appear slightly more frequently in Dendrome, Ashora, and Steppes of Infinity.
* Low-level capes can now be salvaged by Outfitters.

* Relic Hunter’s Gloves now have spell power.
* Caretakers Grips can now be used as a wardrobe item.
* The upgrade path for Hunt Prime Flamecaller’s Hailshard has been corrected.
* Future drops of some items in Intrepid: Drowned Halls will have stats more comparable to other items in the zone.
– The Mythical Joloral’s Neck Guard
– The Mythical Sobek Skin Legguards
– The Mythical Riptide Band
* The Mythical Crippler of the Tides has been improved, and now has more Storm Legion oriented stats.
* The Cold Heart was using the wrong ability, and has been greatly improved. It now also has both a Caster and Melee upgrade path.

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