RIFT 2.5 Hotfix #3 11/20/13

RJ Patch Notes


Intrepid: Hammerknell Chronicle
Every week until Fae Yule we’re introducing newly updated content for level 60! Our second one is the Intrepid: Hammerknell Chronicle, which bumps the enemies up to level 60, and has some new rewards to boot!

Welcome to Fashion Week!
It’s Fashion Week! Winning costumes from RIFTScene’s “Dress the Night Away” are now available in the store. Plus, ALL costumes and dyes for 25% off through next Wednesday, 11/27!

* Getting to Storm legion zones at level 48 is now easier! Speak to the Lycini Ambassador in Sanctum or Meridian to travel to Dusken, Pelladane, or Tempest Bay.
* Instant Adventure groups will now only be assigned to complete a zone event if their adventure group size is at least 15 players.
* A mini world event and a new daily quest is available in each city to help celebrate Fashion Week!
* A number of achievements related to the Sinister Presence are now correctly categorized.
* International shards are now marked as International in the “Server Status” Web page.
* Russian players should now be able to see French and German characters in chat.

* The Dress the Night Away costume contest results are in… and we liked the top 3 finalists so much that they’re ALL on the store. Find them in the Wardrobe section!
* A number of dyes have been temporarily added to the RIFT store in celebration of Fashion Week.
* A variety of limited time exceptional dyes have been added to the RIFT store in celebration of Fashion Week!
* Relic upgrades are now available for the Raid 1 Weapons purchased in the Store.
* The essence section of the RIFT store has been adjusted across all level ranges.
* Rare essences for levels 10 through 50 are now available in the Store.
* New keys have been added to the Store! Each key will open up a Locked Box of the same or lesser rarity.
* Existing Deeps’ Lock Box Keys are now Skeleton Lock Box Keys, and will continue to open any locked box in the game.
* The Portable Auctioneer now grants 5 charges, up from 3.
* Two new consumables have been added to the service section of the RIFT Store: Dungeon Charge and Warfront Charge!
– These items increase your current number of charges for random warfronts and random dungeons.
– You may still only have 7 charges available at any time.
– As a friendly reminder, high level currencies have weekly gain caps. These caps have not been adjusted.
* Costume Gear: Rake’s Duster now has both primary and secondary tint channels for dye application.



* Unstable Transformation: The heal proc should now last the full duration of the buff.

* Symbol of Corruption: Now works as described.

* Banish: Now deals damage ever 1.5s instead of every 1s to match other Cleric damage over time effects. Increased duration to 15s. Updated damage to reflect new duration.
* Vigilance: Increased duration to 15s.
* Healing Communion: Slightly increased healing done.

* Signs will no longer proc from Geyser healing.
* Overflowing Renewal: Can now be cast on allies outside of your party or raid. Overhealing spread from Overflowing Renewal will affect the targeted ally’s party and raid, even if that is not the caster’s party and raid.
* Ripple: Can now be cast on allies outside of your party or raid that you have Healing Spray or Soothing Stream on. Effects spread by Ripple will affect the targeted ally’s party or raid, even if that is not the caster’s party or raid.
* Oversaturation: Now procs Dangers of the Deep on cast (if you have points spent in Dangers of the Deep).
* Oversaturation: Now procs damage when any nearby ally is healed by the Cleric, not just their party and raid members.
* Glassy Reflection: Is no longer consumed by the caster’s own abilities.


* Mass Charged Shield: This ability has been removed.
* Improved Charged Shield: This talent has been removed.
* New Ability: Voltaic Feedback: Deals Air damage whenever the enemy deals damage. Deals Air damage to the enemy and the target of the heal whenever the enemy casts a single target heal. Can occur up to 5 times total. Lasts 15s. Can only affect 1 enemy. This is a 4 point root ability.
* New Talent: Extended Feedback: Increases the duration of Voltaic Feedback by 5s, and the number of times it can proc by 2/4. This is a Tier 2 talent.
* Split Personality: Pets now despawn if the buff is removed from the caster.


* Shifting Blades: ow shares a cooldown with Arc.
* Tranquility: Reduced damage done at ranks 1-4. This only affects ranks pre-level 50.

* Arc: Now shares a cooldown with Shifting Blades.


* Added a soul healer to Breaker Point.
* Reduced zone event boss Nirzora’s health and increased the delay between Tsunami casts.

* Robern Charrette in the forge area of the Chancel of Labors should now properly offer a daily quest to any player that has completed the story quest “Just Punishment”.
* Achievement: You and What Army?: Now credits any player that has completed the quest Chasing the Snakes from the Chancel.
* Achievement: Frozen to the Core: The achievement Nowhere to Run is no longer required for this zone meta achievement.
* Achievement: To the Library!: Now credits players for discovering the Forge area.

* Endless Cultists in the Lost March area of Terminus no longer grant XP or drop loot.

* Lord Gren’Dar should no longer disappear for some players during large scale encounters.


* Modan and Viktus
– Obsidian Scarabs can no longer crit.

* Inyr’Kta:
– Silicon Sandstorm will stop for reals after Inyr’Kta is defeated.
– No longer resets aggro when she is at the opposite end of the platform from players.
* Fixed the placement of a randomly appearing loot chest out of the terrain.

* Fixed the requirements for the Conqueror Achievement.

* Ionraic:
– Pets have more HP.
– Summons pet at 75% life instead of 50%.
– Will no longer spam his final voice over.
– Corrected an exploit with the Collected Them All achievement.
-If a pet is killed during the Ionraic fight, no more pets will be summoned if he is reset.
* Ironclad Goliath:
– Will cast EMP more often.
* Jorthan:
– Will now continue to cast Sundering Fists on the tank instead of randomly turning to other players.
* Nemesis IV:
– Cleaving Claw now has a knockback component for all those behind him.
– Will cast Salvo more often.
– Lowered the damage on Burst Fire.
* P.a.U.L.A.:
– Restoration Beam has a beam VFX now.
– Now has a lower aggro range to prevent issues with resetting after a party wipe.
– Paula’s sentries can now be tanked but will not go below 50% HP. Gotta tank’em!

* An exit portal now appears after Typhiria is slain.

* Fixed an issue causing Mercenary Equipment Caches to not be rewarded for Random Warfront dailies for Prestige Ranks 81-90.

* The Stellar Prismatic Wellspring and Exquisite Bottle of Spellstrikes recipes now work again.

* Fishing in Iron Pine Peak is now equivalent to levels 27 through 35 to match the releveled zone.
* Fishing skill requirements changes:
– Decreased fishing skill requirements for Iron Pine Peak from 180 to 120.
– Increased fishing skill requirements for Droughtlands from 150 to 180.
– Increased fishing skill requirements for Ashora, Dendrome, and Steppes of Infinity from 270 to 300.
* Reduced skill requirements and crafting token costs for Coldwater Seabug, Serene Flatfish, Icebiter, and Glacier Octopus lure recipes. (They were skill 190 or 160, and now are skill 125 or 145.)
* The Verdant Angel is no longer fishable anywhere except Iron Pine Peak.
* The Jasper Snapper is no longer fishable in Iron Pine Peak.
* Fishing-specific artifacts fished up in Iron Pine Peak have been swapped out for those of the appropriate level.
* Rewards for the Iron Pine Peak fish exchange dailies have been adjusted to match the new lower-level content.

* The Angel Food Cake recipe and item have been changed to Devil Food Cake. The Verdant Angel in this recipe havebeen replaced by the Stillmoor Devil. This recipe now yields 10 cakes instead of one, since Stillmoor Devils are harder to fish.
* Most daily quests for skill level 175 of Survivalist that required Iron Pine Peak fish now require Moonshade Highlands and/or Droughtlands fish instead.

* Quality of life item improvements:
– Chronicle Upgrades: All old upgrade components can be shift-right clicked to their new equivalents.
– Raid Upgrades: Radiant Infinity Cell is now the only Infinity Cell used to upgrade ‘Desolate’ Raid 1 store gear. The other two upgrade components that previously dropped can be shift-right clicked into a Radiant Infinity Cell.
* Level 60 Infinity Stone purchased Necklaces have an additional upgrade path.

* Placing Pink Ground Cover now correctly gives credit for the Dimension Gardener achievement.

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