RIFT 2.4 Hotfix #8 10/25/13

RJ Patch Notes

* New Raid Rings are available in the RIFT Store for both Empyreal Slayers Marks and Credits.
* Exceptionally Pumpkin Dye is now available under the World Event category!
* Swimsuits are now under the Premium category in the store so that they’re easier to find.
* The new lockbox, Regulos’s Trove, is available between now and November 1st! Open it for a chance at the black squirrel mount or Tier 1 raid accessories!


* Breaker X-1
– The fight no longer hangs if the Breaker’s main target uses a portal during the Breakdown phases.
* Planebreaker Abominus
– The platforms of the Overseer Council will more reliably teleport players to the current active platform if they resurrect upon them.
– Graviton Bomb: No longer kills pets or damages adds.
– Obliteration Cannon: No longer channeled shortly after a Graviton Bomb has been activated.
– Nutronic Blast: Now fires more randomly at targets, and no longer does critical damage.
– Dire Reckoning: Now begins to cast after 2 of the resurrected Overseer Council members have been slain.

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