Rift: 1.8 In-Progress Set #3 – 3/27/12 – Testing Streaming Client!

The PTS shard is now running an early version of the RIFT Streaming Client.
* The first time you patch with the Streaming Client there will be a longer initial import process that will convert your existing PTS files for use with streaming, so you won’t have to fully re-download them.
* The shard has been set up to use streaming client and will automatically start using it the next time you patch PTS.
* Streaming Client allows you to launch the game without having to wait for the full data download to complete. You’ll be able to start playing within a few minutes even after a large update, and the game will download the necessary data in the background.
* Streaming Client works best on a 5Mbps or better connection. If you have a slower connection, it is recommended that you let the patch complete before attempting to launch the client.
* If players and NPCs around you take a long time to load, or you’re not happy with the game experience when streaming, you can close the client and wait for the patch to finish. Launching the client before downloads have completed is optional.

* PTS UPDATE: Fishing when in range of a special fishing location will display the name of the area on the tooltip when targeting water for fishing.
* Kelari Racial: Camouflage: Now temporarily hides your pet instead of dismissing it when used.

* Purifier: Restorative Flame: Reduced the casting pushback caused by damage.
* Sentinel: Healing Invocation: Reduced the casting pushback caused by damage.
* Warden: Deluge: Reduced the casting pushback caused by damage.

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