Questions on Next Week’s Transfers Answered

RJ Dev Tracker

Pithos and dahanese took the time yesterday to answer a few important questions RIFT players had regarding the automatic transfers that will occur next week during the normal downtime period. Here is a summary of the questions and answers that were originally taken from this dev tracker post as well as this one:

1. If you have max toons on your shard and the shard you’re being merged with, do you end up with more than the max on that shard, or do you have to move some?

All characters will transfer over, but you’ll only be able to see your first 12 (so if you have more than 12 after the merge, you’ll need to transfer off or delete some characters to see the rest.) If you have 12 or less between both shards, you’ll be able to access all of them.

2. Is the EU RP flag being moved with the transfer?

We are not going to move the flag.

3. Do guilds have to empty their banks before they get pushed over to the new shard? Auctions/mails for players?

Everything will be moved for you – you won’t have to do any of that!

Auctions do not have to be ended when as part of the merge. Whatever auctions you have running will continue running on the target shard of the merge, and will end normally.

Mail will transfer as well. You do not need to empty out your mailbox, all your mail will be waiting for you in your mailbox on the target shard of the merge.

4. Surnames… C’mon… you know you wanna!

This isn’t something that will happen for next week but it’s a possibility for the future.

Finally, Pithos also shared some extra information and tips:

“You are, of course, free to transfer anywhere (within the region) you want, before or after the merge occurs, using our existing *FREE* character transfers.

And for some people… There are some of you who have always wanted an exclamation point at the end of your guild name… Well… Now’s your chance!

Lastly – for people in Europe – I have good news about the auction house. This past Friday, one of our engineers demoed to me his upcoming Auction House changes to deal with multiple languages. He had three clients logged in to a single shard – one running in English, one running in French, and one running in German. Each of them could post items to the same auction house, and search for items using their own language – and all the posted items would show up. He’s not quite done yet (auction result emails were still in English for one thing!) but he’s on track for and very close to making the Auction House work correctly for everyone on a shard, regardless of the language they’re using. Expect this in 2.5.”

A multi-language Auction House, eh? Now that’s cool. It’s also great to see that the team is considering the possibility of character surnames in the future.

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