October Kicks Off With Mayhem in Mathosia Event

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If you’ve been enjoying Trion’s mini planar events known as Mayhem in Mathosia where players are encouraged to travel back to the original RIFT zones to take part in old world zone events aplenty and have a chance of grabbing rare RIFT Store items as well as collect extra planar currency and work on achievements, you’re in luck. There’s another Mayhem in Mathoisa event planned beginning October 4th– and this one will be even larger and feature extra rewards. We’re even talking Hellbug rewards!

The event will last one week and consist of four phases which will move the planar action through multiple zones located in Mathosia:

Phase 1: Friday, Oct. 4 – Saturday, Oct. 5 – Silverwood / Freemarch
Phase 2: Sunday, Oct. 6 – Monday, Oct. 7 – Gloamwood / Stonefield
Phase 3: Tuesday, Oct. 8 – Wednesday, Oct. 9 – Scarlet Gorge / Scarwood Reach
Phase 4: Thursday, Oct. 10 – Saturday, Oct. 12 – Moonshade Highlands / Droughtlands

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Each phase will feature different special rewards including mounts, pets, titles, achievements, consumables, and cosmetic goodies. The rewards will be listed on the in-game World Event tracker. There will also be new, temporary quests during the event which will give players an opportunity to grab even more rewards (and an achievement) if they are one of the first 20 or so players to complete these quests. More details and the exact number of players who will be eligible for these special rewards will be coming within the next couple of days.

There will also be a special, new zone event appearing during the final phase that takes place from October 10th until October 12th. New titles, achievements, and rewards– including Hellbugs– will be rewarded for taking part in this new zone event.

Check out the official announcement for more information.

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