New Stuff Awaits: PvP Dimensions and New Souls

pvp dimension header

During last Friday’s live stream extravaganza, Daglar and the team showed off a PvP dimension that Kiwi created on the PTS (Kiwi also, by the way, conducted a pretty cool interview regarding PvP dimensions with Pithos if you haven’t checked it out yet). PvP dimensions, as we knew from before, are arena-like in function, allowing players to form 2 or 3 teams that go head to head in a dimension that players create using all kinds of new goodies that allow dimensioneers to create boundaries, scoring methods, starting points, timers, and even environments that cause participants to take damage.

All’s fair in war, right? Well, in this case what’s fair is in the hands of the dimension creator, which gives our intrepid creators a pretty big– and fun– challenge ahead. PvP dimensions will not have any official leaderboards or rewards simply due to the fact that players are ultimately in charge here (and exploits therefore are a high risk), but I think it’s safe to say that if the playerbase tosses together some PvP dimensions that are truly epic (and c’mon, we know they will), Trion wouldn’t hesitate to turn one or two into a real warfront.

Speaking of PvP, Daglar mentioned that they may take a second look at the kill count requirement to push the phases for the new Steppes of Infinity Conquest map that was added last week. Daglar also stated again that Trion has no intentions of adding a more standard, reward-based 5 vs. 5 arena setup to RIFT.

As hinted to, PvP dimensions are currently on the PTS for player testing. If all goes well, the team is hoping to push them to live shards next week.

There’s more good news too. If all goes well, Trion is also hoping to have the four new souls available on the PTS for open testing beginning today. Yep, that’s right– we can finally test out the Arbiter (Mage tank), Liberator (Warrior healer), Physician (Rogue healer), and Oracle (full support Cleric) for ourselves! To gain access to the new souls on the PTS, all you’ll have to do is set your dungeon difficulty to Master, enter the Dummy Foundry which can be accessed right behind the porticulum in Tempest Bay, and purchase a box from a vendor there that contains the new souls.

Oh, yeah, and if you’re at all curious to see an in-progress (subject to many changes, obviously) soul tree calculator for the new souls, Magelo’s got all four classes ready for us already. Let the build creation fun begin!


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