New Dance Moves Coming to the RIFT Store

new rift dances vine header

Trion’s up to their Vine tricks again. This time, the RIFT community team showed off a teaser of one of the new dance moves coming to RIFT in the future via Twitter. Yep, we’re going to be getting new mad skillz (or, not-so-skillful skillz) on the dance floor. Here’s the Tweet. You can also check out the full-size Vine.

Daglar also conveniently gave away a wee little hint regarding one type of dance move we’ll be getting. It seems one of moves may be something similar to a victory dance. In his post, he also confirmed the fact that these new dances will be exclusive to the RIFT Store. Given the fact that the community team also mentioned the word “soon” in the original Tweet, we’d say it’s also likely that these dances will be coming in 2.5 (we could be wrong, of course).

It’s good to see new RIFT fluff. Fluff isn’t necessary, sure, but it makes gaming a heck of a lot more fun. That, in turn, really does make it a necessity from time to time.

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