New 2.7 Soul Build, Feedback, and Video Collective

2.7 soul collective

Just in case you haven’t had a chance yet to hop on the PTS and try out the Arbiter, Physician, Oracle, or Liberator– the four new souls being added in RIFT 2.7– yet, we’ve collected some of the best links out there for build guides, lists of feedback, soul calculators, and videos of the new souls in action. If you have any other cool links for us to share, feel free to drop us a line in the comments section. We’ll try and keep this updated as the time closes down to the launch of 2.7.


Official Forum Feedback Threads and PTS Info

Liberator Feedback Thread (Warrior)
Oracle Feedback Thread (Cleric)
Physician Feedback Thread (Rogue)
Arbiter Feedback Thread (Mage)

Guide for Getting Started on the PTS

Additional notes: To pick up the new souls for testing after copying a character to the PTS, head to Tempest Bay, set your dungeon mode to Master, then click the golden trap-looking shiny object right behind the Porticulum point. Speak to the vendor NPCs to pick up everything you need, including the souls.

New Magelo Soul Calculator


Official Forum Player-Created Guides

PTS Liberator Guide (Credit: RoughRaptors)
An Introduction to Mage Tank (61 Arbiter) (Credit: Ianto Jones)
Basic/Prelim Physician Guide (Credit: Durango)
61 Oracle Guide (Credit: Soulshield)

Gameplay Videos

Seatin’s 2.7 Liberator Gameplay Video
Seatin’s 2.7 Oracle Gameplay Video
Seatin’s 2.7 Physician Gameplay Video
Seatin’s 2.7 Arbiter Gameplay Video

RIFT Junkies

New 2.7 Soul Build, Feedback, and Video Collective

2.7 soul collective

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