More Trove Teasing and a Bit of Datamining

trove trion worlds logo RJ

If you’re a RIFT veteran, you might remember back when Trion had some fun with odd teases and cryptic hints regarding the introduction of Conquest more than a year ago. Game developers teasing new games/content can be kind of fun, especially when smart gamers put on their super sleuth goggles and begin to unravel the mystery before it’s fully revealed. It seems Trion’s up to their old tricks again, this time with a completely new game. Yep, we’re talking Trove.

A few days ago, the Trion team and Scott Hartsman registered a full set of Trove web domains. We wondered if Trove had something to do with RIFT‘s next water-themed expansion or if it was a new game entirely.

Yesterday, more pieces plopped into the puzzle. Trove definitely seems to be its own game. Trion made a new Twitter account and new Facebook page with a shiny new icon. Trion also updated their company Twitter page with the above header image while TehFrank datamined a pretty cool image that seems to point all the signs toward Trove being an 8-bit/voxel style game that might be similar to Minecraft or Cube World.

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