Mech Mounts, Assemble!

mech week header

Trion seems to be trying something a little new with their promoted RIFT Store goodies. They’re turning them into themes. Last week was fashion week and it came complete with costumes in the RIFT Store and a week of running around Tempest Bay then hitting /dance in particular spots for a few extra marks. This week it’s the mech rotation, and that means it’s Mech Week. There are some nifty mech mounts (and new pets/items) to pick up, but there’s a catch, of course– the new items are only found within the Mechanized Temporal Vault lockbox that’s available in the RIFT Store.

There is some good news, however. By running around Tempest Bay daily (notice a theme here?) and clicking/killing piles of mech parts, you get a Mechanized Temporal Vault. There’s also a slight catch with the Mechanized Temporal Vaults in that they come with a 24-hour timer when purchased/obtained. This means you’ll need to wait 24 hours to open them. To lower that timer, you’ll have to use little gadgets that are also purchasable in the RIFT Store or can randomly appear in the daily Patron login bags.

And… that’s about it for Mech Week. See the official blog post for more info. Oh, and now taking bets on what next week’s theme will be. Pony week? Corgi week? Dinosaur week? Dinosaur corgi week? Make it happen, Trion!

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