Let There Be Unicorns!

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It’s unicorn season in RIFT this week with the arrival of yesterday’s brand new cash shop promotion event aptly named Unicornalia. The event is fairly similar to Mech Week and Budgie Week and will allow players to obtain two different types of unicorn mounts through a variety of ways. The first mount, the Opal Unicorn which is white in color and has a rainbow-sparkling horn, can be purchased with 850 Sparkle Essences from the friendly Planar Research Institute representatives located in Meridian/Sanctum.

Sparkle Essences are obtained from one quest for tagging the final boss in the new Moonshade Highlands zone event as well as from dailies for taking part in Instant Adventures and any type of PvP (you just need to target an enemy player with a quest item). They’re also obtained from the new type of cash shop lockbox for the event– the limited edition Sparkle Trove.

Sparkle Troves also, of course, have a rare chance to contain the second unique event mount– the Onyx Unicorn. This one’s black in color and its horn sparkles with purple dust. The Onyx Unicorn is also available as a possible drop from completing the world event in Moonshade Highlands. This world event, called “Hooves and Horns” is unfortunately rather rare on all shards at the moment and doesn’t start very often. The main boss of the event, Ezmodeamus, is also aptly-named and doesn’t have a lot of health at the moment which makes it extremely hard for all players to tag the boss before it dies. With any luck Trion will fix these issues (among others) within the next couple of days.

For now, here’s a preview of the two mounts (minus their cool sparkly effects) and the new Sparkles pet that’s also randomly available within the Sparkle Troves. There are also two new achievements for the event– one for obtaining the Opal Unicorn (with a title of “is Magic”) and one for completing both dailies as well as the stand-alone quest. The latter rewards a Sparkle Trove.

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